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And if you threw a party

The actual celebration of imminent babyhood was to start at 2:00, which is why my brother and I were to be over at 11:00, so we could help set things up. Only it turned out his car was too small to fit me, my sister, and the chairs and other stuff being brought over, so I was left to wait in the apartment. Add to that a detour to get the pizza --- and an extra little detour to see the Harvard campus, since why not? --- and I actually appeared around 1:30 with nothing to do. My mother gave me her camera and set me to taking photographs.

I swiftly got enduring popularity from one of the girlfriend's family, as she found I kept taking photos of the same things she was and thought that the funniest thing ever. Most of her family and friends I felt as comfortable as I ever do around, at least, and my worrying about when we could start eating --- all vegan, which is getting really good on average at replicating what seem like meat-based items --- was overwhelmed by my worrying about using too many paper plates when my mother said we were running short. I made my pizza plate last.

I lack comparison points for formal proper baby showers. It seemed to have all the major elements of one, if I understand the importance of a bunch of people gathering at someone else's house, a lot of food, and then a bunch of present-openings by the soon-to-be-in-over-their-head couple while the two slightly bored kids also dragged along tried to help in the unwrapping. I'd given the child a portable bathtub thing since one thing I do understand about newborns is they're filthier than is possible to be. But I also gave the parents something that would hopefully speak to the non-child portions of their lives: the DVD of a Jerry ``Wild World Of Batwoman'' Warren movie for my brother, and an A Lee Martinez novel for his girlfriend. That was a real shot in the dark considering what I mostly know about her is she likes my brother, but she seemed happy with it.

The best gift, though, came from one of our aunts, who gave the baby bassinet which she and her siblings, and their mother, had been raised in. I was impressed and we had to spend only far too long roping her, the other aunts, and my parents together for a photo, and then again to repeat this with the parents-to-be.

I'm not sure how long I figured the shower would run, but by 5:00 my mother was making noises about the need to leave so she, my sister, and I could get home. My mother figured that we could skip an extra night staying away from everything if I shared the driving with her, and I'm willing to pretend she honestly believed I would do any of the driving. It seemed like an abrupt departure on our part, but other people were drifting off, even as one of my and my brother's friends was just arrived. I didn't get an actual glimpse of him, but I did get one last lemon-frosted cupcake as we left.

But overall: we had a successful celebration of imminent babyhood, and we drove from Boston back to central New Jersey, and even arranged a relatively graceful-like handoff of my sister to her husband (who'd chosen not to attend) without too much redundant driving on anyone's part. And the cats were relieved beyond their ability to meow to see my mother again.

Trivia: Toyota's first cars for the American market, sent in August 1957, were two Toyopet Crown sedans. Source: Car Wars: The Untold Story, Robert Sobel.

Currently Reading: Engines Of War: How Wars Were Won And Lost On The Railways, Christian Wolmar.


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