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And if I had one wish come true

Thursday would be our last chance to see both my parents before they left on a vacation. We were determined not to miss them this time. So we didn't have any big plans for the day.

Fate arranged things pretty well for us in this regard. We'd have been up for a movie this week and the day would have done pretty well as a day for it, but there wasn't anything we were at all interested in. The least unlikely prospects were Captain America and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and we didn't want to see either of them. There wasn't even anything we wanted to see ironically.

But we didn't do nothing, either. We went to a nearby Jersey Mike's to share a giant veggie sub, and so enjoyed sharing our time and our meal together. And we got ice cream from another shop, and walked around that strip mall. bunny_hugger observed how there's something faintly illicit in walking behind the mall, to see the dumpsters and the loading docks and the hidden second floor of the Shop And Save, and she's right about that. We also walked up the street some to look at a poor and much-abused creek the name of which I don't know. Google Maps doesn't seem to have much idea either.

My father also needed me to fiddle around with the Mi-Fi device he'd gotten for Christmas. He wanted to use it to keep in touch with people back home even when he was only on his iPod and maybe away from free wireless services. The toughest part of this was getting the blasted thing out of its blister pack. I needed some experiments to figure how to put money on its account, but soon it was passing bits back and forth and I was carrying on an instant message conversation with my brother over my father's Meebo account (or an equivalent messaging thing). The Mi-Fi would not work for one second of the vacation.

But finally, my mother got home (along with an aunt from Long Island, who was going with them out west), and a mere five days after bunny_hugger set foot in the house they actually laid eyes upon each other. bunny_hugger was able to give the bottle of Michigan wine, something you just can't take on an airplane through carry-on anymore, to them, and my father was delighted as he loves Riesling.

And for all that, I had to go to bed early, since my parents' and aunt's flight was at 7 am, and they were relying on me not so much to drive them up as to drive the car back afterward. This meant getting up even earlier than average for work days, but what was there to do? We went to bed after watching that week's Disappointing Futurama (the bone vampire one). I slept that fitful, easily-startled-awake sleep that I usually get before any kind of travel like this, even though it's not like I could oversleep --- my parents wouldn't let me --- and it's not like I couldn't get an extra hour-or-so of napping in the car on the way up. I did get up on time, and drove them up, and they insisted I not wait around for their flight to take off, with the result being that I was back in bed by sometime around 7 am after all. Fine by me, as we were planning for Friday to be busy.

Trivia: Operating system choices for the IBM PC when it was introduced in August 1981 were CP/M-86 (not actually ready until 1982); a Pascal-based system designed at the University of California at San Diego; and Microsoft PC-DOS. Source: A History Of Modern Computing, Paul E Ceruzzi.

Currently Reading: Euphemania: Our Love Affair With Euphemisms, Ralph Keyes.


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