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Flying by on the Hawaiian roller coaster ride

Sunday, it rained. A lot. More than you're thinking. However much rain you're thinking of, add more. Rain came down at rates exceeding twenty feet per hour. It actually felt like it was raining heavier than it would during the hurricane, though the wind was negligible. Ducks on the lake out back were sunk to their beaks. There were bolts of lightning being extinguished by the flow of water over them. The rain started just a little past midnight, and it kept going, letting up just enough now and then that it could come down even harder and more abundantly.

So what to do? We stayed in, naturally. We had held thoughts of going out letterboxing, finding a hidden cache somewhere in a nearby forest or park, and launching the hitchhiker we'd carved a few weeks before, but letterboxing involves going outside, and with our shortage of scuba gear this would be impractical. We also had thoughts of going to a movie, but we'd rejected that a few days before for want of things to see, and the coming of Friday and new films hadn't changed matters any. We also learned that I have no idea how to work the fancy new coffee maker.

We simply had to somehow find being with each other interesting enough for the day. The day was too short.

The rain actually did let up a little, after dark, and we took the chance of the relative calm to dash out to my car and drive to the Regent Diner. This is our traditional diner, and we haven't yet let a visit from her go without stopping in there. We had the dining room almost to ourselves, a dry little island of food and memories standing out in the soaked night.

We did think about going east, to Asbury Park and the Silverball Museum for an hour or so of pinball, but it was late and I wasn't too confident about the driving conditions (it turned out the rain got as tolerably light as it would all day after this), so we returned home instead. We would have a terribly early night, as bunny_hugger had to catch the train home in the morning, and I was to go in to work.

Trivia: Britain (as of 2003) took only three and a half percent of Sri Lanka's tea exports, putting it behind Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey as Sri Lankan tea consumers. Source: Tea: Addiction, Exploitation, And Empire, Roy Moxham.

Currently Reading: The Far Side Of Nowhere, Nelson Bond. In this collection of humorous short stories of the 40s and 50s, an ordinary schlub runs across some science fiction/light fantasy gimmick and tries using it to run the sort of petty con you see from lovable rogues in short stories of the 40s and 50s, only to have it come to a lightly ironic twist ending. It's just a bit disturbing to realize this is probably the sort of story I'd end up writing.


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