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It may feel ridiculous that we parted more than a minute before bunny_hugger had to get on the train and perhaps it was. But it was practical, and for all our joyfully compatible romantic impulses we also have strikingly compatible practical impulses. She could get on a train not far from my office, and if she had to wait a few hours in the train station it wasn't a bad train station and she would enjoy the area Wi-Fi and rented episodes of this season's Doctor Who so she could catch up on being delighted by Matt Smith's performance and infuriated by the stories he was performing in.

This also let me share with her my daily commute, at least the venturing out part. It's not a particularly distinguished route --- a couple local roads to start (although we did stop at Wawa so she could get some coffee, which filled my car with the wonderful scent of the coffee she drinks, and snacks), then the Interstate, and then some interesting stuff again as we get into town --- but it's been one of those things taking up many of the precious minutes of my day for a long time now, and she's got an idea what it looks like now.

Interestingly (to me) the train station is barely a mile away from my office, incredibly convenient, although the path to get there was sufficiently twisty and turny that I wasn't positive I was on the right path, despite the street signs promising I was too approaching it. (Naturally, going back, I realized the other, unsigned, way to get there from my office, and how much easier a path that is.)

I pulled into the dropoff, and helped her luggage out, and hugged and kissed bunny_hugger for a long, long time. Not long enough. I did drive away, reluctantly, and I saw she followed my car as long as possible on the sidewalk outside.

This did make me get into work a couple minutes late, and I apologized to the secretary (who's pretty much in charge of the schedules anyway), who answered my explanation that I had to drop her off at the train station with a sweet, ``Awwww.'' I did say I'd linger after the normal closing hour to make up the time, ``but my heart won't be in it''. I did and it wasn't.

She had a couple hours waiting, though, and we texted one another repeatedly in that time. Neither of us is a natural text-messager, but for this transit, we could pretend. If all went well, by the next evening she would be home again and we would be back to normal.

Trivia: Over the course of 1955-56, Ford Motor Company's ``E'' Car Division developed 2,500 possible names for the car marque; its advertising agency (Foote, Cone, and Belding) found another 18,000 suggestions. None were the ultimately used name of Edsel. Source: Ford: The Men And The Machine, Robert Lacey.

Currently Reading: A Nameless Witch, A Lee Martinez.

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