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Think of today as though it were sunshine

Let me return to tales of work. I've got my actual programming pretty satisfyingly finished. There's stuff to improve, but, that's all either small-scale stuff of removing the detritus of programming or a large-scale rethinking to use some new acronyms I only just learned this past month. Either way, I have a respectable block of code that can be put out for clients.

We had everything set up on a slightly messy configuration, part of it the servers that will ultimately be put in the main data center, part of it on servers that will remain in the office here. Part of the task had to be left on the office-bound servers because the center-bound ones didn't have the reading access needed to read databases. As long as there was other work to do I could tolerate this, but with other useful time-consuming tasks exhausted I started pressing on getting this done.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the tech guys to understand quite what I wanted to do, or why it was important. I spent half a day last week writing out a four-page memo explaining how things were set up, how they were supposed to change for the data center move, what must be done in order that the move happen, and what things I won't be doing because their explanations for what I needed to do made no sense to me. All I got back from it was a correction of the spelling of ``Weehawken''. I say if the people of Weehawken minded the spelling of their city they'd have named it something simpler, like ``Dover'' or ``Washington'' or ``Hamilton'', of which New Jersey has at least 30 apiece and to which we could add some easily.

But with the lack of progress in this, I finally had what for me was a loss of patience and walked out Friday afternoon. Nobody seems to have noticed, or cared, possibly because it was less than an hour to go and nobody really knows when anyone else is supposed to be anywhere.

Today, though, there was some good news. After a half-hour talking with different tech guys in the morning, and another hour of this with the boss during what should have been lunch, the network configuration stuff I said needed to be done was done, at least partially. By tomorrow the rest of it ought to be done. I hope.

Trivia: A Chicago coal dealer in 1892 argued against smoke abatement efforts by making the claim that carbon deposited by smoke in the lungs actually purified the air, as the air passed through the carbon and into the blood. Source: Coal: A Human History, Barbara Freese.

Currently Reading: The Year 1000: What Life Was Like At The Turn Of The First Millennium, Robert Lacey, Danny Danziger.


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