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We're gonna have a good time

My father woke me by tossing a pile of (dried) clothes on my bed. He does this occasionally; he seems to view my leaving laundry in the dryer overnight as a personal insult rather than my decision not to get up an hour after going to bed for the last-laundry-load-of-the-night. He's sometimes more passive-aggressive about it, hiding my laundry on a chair in the living room or somewhere even more obscure. Putting it on top of the dryer does very well at making laundry invisible.

An hour later he tossed another load --- what had been in the washer --- and told me my brother's girlfriend had gone into labor. This is three days ahead of schedule but I suppose some kids have to be morning people, horrible a thought as that is. Anyway, he and my mother were packing and cancelling all obligations in order to drive up and be somewhere nearby when the blessed event came to bless. I knew they were scheduled to go up later this month after the expected date; I was unaware that they were expected to be there on the day. If there was not previously agreement on this point I imagine there are some exciting conversations going on thereabouts. I was out of that loop apart from an e-mail request for a phone number which had been left on the counter in all the rush.

A little later, as I was reading Livejournal, Twitter, comics, and other waking-up obligations, I overheard my father telling my mother that he told me what was happening while I was asleep. Unfortunately he had to leave before he could say what he thought the point of telling me was if he thought I was asleep, or whether he planned to tell me again when he was sure I was up.

As of this writing my second unclehood is yet to arrive. They've gone home exhausted. My parents' cats disapprove of all this generally. I have no information about the degus.

Trivia: Benjamin Franklin did not leave his London post and return home for the (1767) marriage of his daughter Sally to Richard Bache, or the (1769) birth of his first (legitimate) grandson, Benjamin Franklin Bache. Source: The First American: The Life And Times Of Benjamin Franklin, H W Brands.

Currently Reading: It All Started With Columbus: An Improbable Account Of American History, Richard Armour. It's no Dave Barry Slept Here or its actual model 1066 And All That (this book was written around 1950). There's just enough flashes of cleverness (``Stores were known [ in Plymouth ] as Shoppes, or Ye Olde Shoppes. Prices were somewhat higher at the latter''; ``The United States considered entering the [ Napoleonic ] War, but could not decide which country would win. Throughout the war it remained undecided, or neutral, and looked around for a smaller country to fight''; ``The daring deeds of Kit Carson are in no way minimized in a book about them which was written by Kit Carson''; ``Wild Bill Hiccup ... is said never to have killed a man except in self-defense, but he was defending himself almost constantly'') to make the vast stretches of mediocre wordplay really aggravating (see also ``Wild Bill Hiccup'').


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