austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Never let me go

You know the sort of day: a lot of running around doing stuff, while feeling like nothing's accomplished. Much of it was spent with students who would not have these particular problems if they did the questions on the assignment sheet before starting to write code, so I asked many times, ``Did you do what it says in question three? Why not?'' Some are unsettled they get different results each time they run the program, suggesting they don't quite grok the pseudorandom number sequence generator.

The top musical distraction today was an instrumental cover of Elvis Presley's Love Me Tender on one harp. It edges out a radio station playing Kermit the Frog's The Rainbow Connection, which I think I'd never heard on radio before, and shame on radio for that. On Knotted Note Radio the teaser for the next Adventures of Philip Marlowe was the rousing ``When the will was read everyone figured she was crazy when she wrote it, and that included me -- but I changed my mind after spending a night on an island with a pig, a cat, and an ape. Because in reality -- they were people!'' (Dramatic flourish.) That station's going off the TCP/IP air and I won't know what it was all about.

Check that: it's almost certain the teased episode was #4, ``Where There's A Will,'' originally aired 17 October 1948, which is on the web in MP3 format, so I can find out what story follows from that introduction.

Trivia: Johann Bernoulli had the logarithmic spiral he discovered, the curve described in polar coordinates by r = exp(theta/2) engraved on his tombstone. Source: Mathematics in Civilization, H.L. Resnikoff and R.O.Wells, Jr.

Currently Reading: The Most Unsordid Act: Lend-Lease, 1939-1941, Warren F. Kimball.


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