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But Jack you'll never lack if you can quack like a duck

Well, hello there.
Never mind the bedazzled clown marching band here. What drew my eye was Josh's clipboard with what was clearly the Clownfest 2009 logo on the photocopy, with the ``11'' written in magic marker on top of it.
The all-clown, bedazzled, marching band was captivating, and I realized afterward that I should have taken a movie of it to show how they sparkled in the light. My camera doesn't take sound anyway, though.
So in this photograph from after the parade: clown or steampunk fan?
After making its way down the boardwalk the parade and the crowd around it dispersed pretty quickly. Even the Seaside Heights police were able to take a short break.
And after the parade I suppose it was up to everyone to make their own ways home.
There was an awards ceremony after the parade, but it apparently started before the scheduled time, so all I got to see were clowns with their trophies and talking shop.
I assume that after the trophies they turned to giving out redemption prizes, as there were otherwise a suspiciously large number of clowns taking home coffee makers.
Here's another clown who was taking home a coffee maker.
It isn't easy to get candid photographs of clowns; they're very alert to the presence of cameras and naturally love being on camera. But with enough in the area there are moments when you can just see them hanging out.
You wouldn't have expected a lively discussion about the ``Space Launch System'' plan, would you?
Everybody needs a snack after a hard day of clowning. (This is another of my favorite pictures of the day.)

Trivia: After earning $1,742,282 boxing in the three years culminating with the ``Long Count'' fight against Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney lectured on Shakespeare before a class at Yale. Source: Only Yesterday: An Informal History Of THe 1920s, Frederick Lewis Allen.

Currently Reading: Another Science Fiction: Advertising The Space Race 1957 - 1962, Megan Prelinger. OK, there's like nobody on my Friends list who shouldn't read this. Seriously.


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