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All us little children should knock on wood

I don't want to suggest all that's going on at work is server issues and my manipulating the boss into doing my will. There's also the dealing with infestations of various kinds. The building has some running problems that are well-established because it's an old building in the midst of an old city, such as an infestation of insect traps and the occasional mouse, although they have the good sense from my perspective to not do anything too visible where I can see them.

The new problem was: bedbugs.

The official note about it was that one of the tech guys had been in a hotel which proved to have bedbugs, and now his house was getting fumigated for it, and because they weren't sure they were fumigating our office too, so please move everything a few feet away from the walls and cover any foods you might have. (For me, this would be my boxes of tea.)

The scheduled date for fumigating got bumped back a couple times, but I tried to not worry about bringing the nasty things home with me since the tech guy's never in my office, and I'm rarely down hanging around him, and it's not like we do any of that touching stuff or what-have-you. And so far I haven't noticed anything biting, except for the cats when they're badly expressing their amiability.

And we got the notice that the office was now fumigated and we could return to worrying about the usual infestations.

Trivia: Amsterdam's beurs, on opening for business in 1610, permitted trading only between the hours of noon and two. Source: Tulipomania: The Story Of The World's Most Coveted Flower And The Extraordinary Passions It Aroused, Mike Dash.

Currently Reading: The Mousetrap And Other Plays, Agatha Christie. I must be listening to too many old-time radio mysteries; I spotted whodunit in The Mousetrap right away (although I was surprised by the lesser spoiler). A lot of these seem to have the murder and confession happen because that's the time in the play for that to happen, but Witness For The Prosecution still crackles sharply in print.

PS: Something Cute With 9's and a 6. Teased a little while ago.


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