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Summer vacation is taking you away

No visit from bunny_hugger would be complete or perfectly satisfying without going to Seaside Heights. Here, we venture into the rooftop golf center.

The most recent time bunny_hugger and I visited Seaside Heights we played the rooftop miniature golf, which as you can see is a nicely proper miniature golf course with curious statues and even a windmill.
Besides the bear and the windmill, note also Humpty-Dumpty, a water trap, a weird little cloverleaf turn ramp, a giraffe, a rabbit, and a zebra. You'll see them again.
See this model beaver? It turns up several times over, as squirrel and chipmunk and bear and skunk.
This isn't actually a very tricky hole, but having to do a loop is novel and fun. The Dutch angle on it is optional.
One of the props is a giraffe, towering high above the people who're already towering high above the boardwalk because it is rooftop golf.
I am willing to assume the straps on the giraffe's hooves are to keep it stable in heavy winds, and don't reflect a history of people grabbing and making off with it.

Trivia: Julius Reuter's 24 April 1850 agreement with Aachen pigeon-breeder Heinrich Geller provided there should be 45 trained birds to ferry messages between Brussels and Aachen (where no telegraph line yet ran), with twelve birds to be always available at Brussels. (The number of birds would increase to over 200 by a new agreement in July.) Source: The Power Of News: The History Of Reuters, Donald Read.

Currently Reading: The Monitor, The Miners and the Shree, Lee Killough. It honestly picks up when it gets to the big Courtroom Scene and the argument is made against the Prime Directive; that should've been the focus.

PS: The Person Who Named e, quite briefly.


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