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Take a look in the five-and-ten

Orchard Road -- the big downtown shopping district -- is getting its Christmas Stuff together. At Ngee Ann City, one of the biggest stores, they've got a three-storey tall partly decorated Christmas Tree inside. At the intersections the Christmas In The Tropics stuff from last year are ready to be assembled. I don't know if they'll repeat the display of utterly fraudulent snow. Also setting up in the park opposite the Borders and Apple Centre looks like a travelling carnival. Coming from a place where White Christmases were always an option, this third steaming-hot Christmas is still a novelty, and I don't really process fake icicles dangling from rubber trees.

So on to window shopping. At the HMV (a DVD/VCD/CD store) the (all these are region 1) Star Trek: Generations Special Edition was for sale at S$29.95. Plan Nine From Outer Space was $41; The Day The Earth Stood Still $24.95, Darkman $62, and I Eat Your Skin $15. Rocky and Bullwinkle Season 2 -- does anyone know if this has the bugs that wrecked the first season? -- was $69.95, and the MGM Marx Brothers Movies $109.95. In music, The Kinks' Kink Kontroversy was $34, The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night $24.95, and Ringo Starr's Ringorama $25.

The conclusion: the price labeller is in the hands of a mildly crazed employee.

In other news I finished not just the decals but the assembly of my starship Enterprise kit. I'll post pictures sometime.

Trivia: In 1959 the Great Pumpkin appeared in the pumpkin patch of Boots Rutman, of Connecticut. Source: Peanuts strip of 29 October 1961, reprinted in Peanuts: A Golden Celebration, Charles Schulz.

Currently Reading: Outlines of Polish History, Roman Dyboski.


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