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Walking down the street I feel like crashing

Normally, getting home from visiting bunny_hugger involves a rush to bed. I'll spend as long as I can with her, for obvious reasons (I don't want to wake up any earlier than I have to), and United's on-time record for Chicago-to-Newark is hilariously awful. Plus, I normally have work in the morning, since if I had a day off, I'd spend it with her instead. And that implies getting up at 6 am. Except this day, I indeed had work, which didn't need me until 2 pm.

This would be my teaching position, at my county's community college. I was nervous about it --- scared might be the better word --- since apart from filling in, mostly for my mother, I haven't taught in nearly five years, and any skill left fallow can evaporate. Heck, I'd spent much of the previous week trying to put together a simple syllabus and found it challenging. What would the students be like?

I did have some weapons on my side. First, the department secretary and everyone else assured me the school had great students. Of course, they would say that. Better, I had most of a wardrobe bunny_hugger gave me, including pants of exactly the right inseam, and a dark red cardigan she'd given me our last night together. Add a light-colored dress shirt and I didn't just look professional, or professorial, but I looked like the guy who must be tenured because it would be impossible to look like that and not be the most respected professor on campus.

I got to meet some of the other people in the department, for the first time, and they all assured me the students were great. And there wasn't any trouble getting my syllabus photocopied, though after telling me the copier code nobody would let me actually touch the buttons myself to satisfy myself that I had the instructions right. Also, nobody knew how many students I actually had, since the rosters were e-mailed and somehow my college e-mail hadn't got set up yet. The paperwork for that was in, but for now, I just made up 35 copies of the syllabus and trusted there couldn't be many more than that enrolled. Probably.

Trivia: For the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty in 1886, only a red, while, and blue tarpaulin was draped over the head, rather than attempt to cover the entire statue. The tarpaulin was released early, when a pause in the keynote speaker's address was mistaken for the conclusion. Source: Pulitzer: A Life, Denis Brian.

Currently Reading: Last Train To Limbo, The Editors Of Playboy. This is not nearly so grim an adventure as its forerunner, and includes Clarke's amusing trifle (truffle?) ``The Food Of The Gods''.


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