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Once in every show

[ I'm not late on purpose; my client just wasn't successfully connecting because I suppose Livejournal is under some Livejournal issue. Let's see if the web page allows a successful post. ]

I'd got about used to ten-hour workdays in October and most of November. The week before Thanksgiving I worked two eleven-hour days, so that Thursday I could take off from the office, to my sister-in-law's house and catch a train to the airport. This gave me a little time to spend with my niece, who wondered how I got there. I told her I caught a ride on a large, friendly eagle; she told me no, that was silly. I admitted I was being silly; it was actually a pair of smaller but still large crows. She considered this and then told me I drove. Not enough time, of course, but it would let me get the train to Newark Airport, and from there, take the plane to Chicago.

Not to Lansing, though. The start of my Thanksgiving visit to bunny_hugger would begin, as the last two had, with the weekend at MFF. We had planned to split a room with skylerbunny, but he had to cancel at the last minute, for health reasons which are his to share. This left me wondering slightly what I would see when I arrived, since bunny_hugger had to add my name to the official room registration. We'd been figuring skylerbunny would check in first, get three keys, and give me one when I arrived. But this turned out all right; my name was successfully added, and I got the card and up to our room, to wait for bunny_hugger's arrival Friday.

Unfortunately, I was long enough getting settled in that when I went downstairs for con registration I found the doors being closed. I'd have to find time in the morning. On the bright side, the hotel was extending free Internet to all con guests. On the down side, I wasn't sure how to get it, so I went down to the hotel registration desk to ask. (We were just to sign up as though it were a regular buying of Internet, and the charge would be taken off our bill later.) And by the time I got this, I saw bunny_hugger texting that she was giving up on seeing me that night --- she had to get up absurdly early --- and too bad. But she got my messages back just before going to bed. Friday should be a good day, to appearances.

Trivia: In 1317, the household of the French King had four officers of his chamber: a barber, a tailor, a taster, and a spicer. Source: Spice: The History Of A Temptation, Jack Turner.

Currently Reading: Destiny Times Three, Fritz Leiber. Hm. Sometime I must compare this to Asimov's The End Of Eternity, and other stories where the premise is some meddling timeline-alteration agency of dubious authority and morality. Or find someone to suggest making such a comparison to so they feel a nagging urge to do it themselves and save me the work.


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