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It's time for my The Price Is Right November 2011 report. This covers from the 30th of October through to the 2nd of December, and as best I can tell there weren't any new episodes for Thanksgiving or the Day After Thanksgiving. CBS's web site runs out of airdates in mid-November and they haven't updated it yet. I hope they haven't started slipping reruns in the past couple weeks.

First Second Third
Month 13 17 16
Season 34 36 34

There's only been a little progress on the lowest-winning-spin front this month. I'm a little surprised there hasn't yet been a case where two contestants tied for the normal spin while the third spun over a dollar, but that'll happen. The triple-tie hasn't happened yet either, but that only happened once or twice last season too.

I've left the Showcases themselves out of account, but I did notice there've already been three double-overbids in that category. If I didn't miss something, there were only six all of last season, so apparently it's a tough year for the finalists and an easier one for the budget.

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 65 50 60
Tied Win 70 - -
Triple Tie - - -

Trivia: The Japanese Naval force moving to attack Pearl Harbor had orders to abandon the mission if it were spotted before December 6 (or if a diplomatic settlement were reached in Washington). Source: History of the Second World War, B H Liddell Hart. (Hey, there's a POD for a truly grim alternate history; what if a settlement, impossible as it might be, were reached in the wee small hours of December 7 1941 US time, far too late to avert the attack. I can't see that ending in anything other than really bad right-wing-nutcase military pornfic. Hm. But. Some kind of settlement reached at the last minute and it turns into a thriller race-against-the-clock to get word to all the attacks stopped. That's a bit better. Hmm. Hmmmmm. Meddling Japanese Supremacist time-travellers going back to save the country from destruction in a war they're not ready for, somehow Mary Worth the diplomatic talks to a last-minute truce, then have to get all the attack fleets stopped. The Guns Of The Syonan?)

Currently Reading: Fifty-Nine In '84: Old Hoss Radbourn, Barehanded Baseball, And The Greatest Season A Pitcher Ever Had, Edward Achorn. He pitched all or part of seventy-one games in 1884, and won fifty-nine of them. I mean ... I ... just ... that's two outstanding seasons in under one, by modern standards.


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