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Who's the king of your satellite castle?

So the hobby shop where I got a starship Enterprise kit had a poster, please try our main store, Tiong Bahru Plaza, #05-05. I could only remember four above ground (and two below) levels to the plaza, but perhaps I missed something. I went, rode up the escalators and found ... the fourth floor was a cinema and arcade, nothing more, barely any floor space and no way up. I couldn't have gotten #05-05 wrong, but ...

I went looking for an elevator. Many malls here end with office building towers, with limited access to the grown-up sections, and yes, this was the key. The hobby shop was accessibly only by elevator, and tucked away past Learning Enrichment Children's Centers and the like. Ah, but was the store worth it? --

Certainly. It's good-sized, for a Singaporean store. They didn't have more of the original Trek Enterprises, but did have the movie Enterprises (pricey, but fiber-optic), quite a few space shuttles -- with boosters or with 747s -- and even an Apollo Command/Service Module-Lunar Module, and the Chinese spacecraft. I should have a fine time building a hopeless backlog of kits here, too. The clerks were interested and attentive, and tried to help me find stuff I didn't know I wanted, but since I didn't know what they were pointing to I had to pretend that I hadn't noticed that before, but thank you, I'll think it over. Overall a fine experience even if the place was a secret.

Trivia: ``Tiong Bahru'' is an amalgam of the Chinese tiong, ``cemetery'' or ``tomb'', and the Malay bahru, ``new'' (as opposed to the old Chinatown graveyards nearby). Source: Street Names of Singapore, Dunlop Street.

Currently Reading: Asimov on Chemistry, Isaac Asimov. It's always a kick reading science essays from back when Jupiter was made of cold ammonia slush, though Asimov brings up an interesting question. He points out the element rarest relative to life's demand for atoms of it, is phosphorous; and so far as was known (40 year ago) phosphates inevitably end up sinking to the deep ocean. Has anyone found whether, and if so how, they're returned to the surface? When the Alien Invaders come might they be after us for our phosphorous?


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