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A sentimental song

Tuesday was to be, by design, quiet. For a start, bunny_hugger had to take her car in for some maintenance work, and she had a relatively early appointment for that. She let me sleep in for that, which to be honest I probably needed. My new work schedule has done wonders for getting me adequately sleep-provided, but I'm not there yet, and time to wake to my own rhythms rather than an alarm clock's is valuable.

Repairs took a bit longer than anticipated but it worked out well, as the auto shop was having their employees' pot-luck Thanksgiving Lunch. They had more food than could be eaten, so invited bunny_hugger to take some herself. She got two plates of perfectly satisfactory Thanksgiving dinner type food, and brought them home for lunch. She's quite the good provider.

The only important thing we had to do was lay in stocks for Thanksgiving. We needed to get to Meijer and pick up miscellaneous things, including the popular cranberry sauce choice, as well as a bag of apples which would provide good snacking service if we had thought to snack on them while I was visiting. What really turned out to be in short supply was olives, though; apparently Thanksgiving 2011 saw the Great Olive Run. Nearly the only ones left, besides cans of sliced black olives --- which are fine, but are really ingredients, rather than things to eat the way whole olives --- were onion-stuffed olives. bunny_hugger's mother, called because of some uncertainty about what kinds of ice cream her father preferred, wondered how a whole onion could be stuffed in an olive. We'd supposed they were just parts of onions stuffed into whole olives; it was closer to very small onions stuffed into very large olives and roughly the best thing ever.

We also picked up tiny pickles, and appreciated the boxes of oatmeal which still advertise the certificates they received from the Philadelphia Centennial and from the Columbian Expositions. That's classy.

We did have to do some more shopping, though, going to Kroger's to pick up bags for leaves. bunny_hugger has several hundred trees overhanging her property and in the fall her lawn can reach over twenty feet deep in leaves, so there was more yard-cleaning to be done, lest her house sink beneath the dead leaf waves.

And at that there was still a little more shopping to do, as we didn't have the centerpiece vegetarian imitation-meat loaf. So she drove us to a vegetarian-food-store, pretty good sized and pretty good smelling too. While she found the imitation meat loaf, her eye was caught by this much more complicated roll which included a cranberry core and a sausage-impersonating texture and a fylo dough wrapping. It would be more expensive, but more food overall, and as she considered one of the store clerks walking past promised that it was really good and was there on special order, sure to go fast. We chose to give it a try.

By this time it was well into the night, and a pretty chilly rainy night too, so we were well-advised to just go home and nestle in for the night.

We did, over the Monday and Tuesday evenings, catch up on recorded TV shows, although since it was Thanksgiving week all the stuff we watch reliably was in rerun anyway. Still, The Daily Show did have on Martin Scorsese, talking about Hugo, which we had up to that point considered Extruded Steampunk Product. Now that we knew it was a story loosely based on George Méliès it leapt several dozen ranks in our estimate of how interesting it looked.

Trivia: Within a week of Glenn Curtiss's May 1910 flight from Albany to New York City, more than $200,000 in new prize money was pledged for various aviation feats. Source: Over Land And Sea: The Dramatic Story Of The Great Aviation Pioneer Glenn H Curtiss, Robert Scharff, Walter S Taylor.

Currently Reading: The Gods of Foxcroft, David Levy.

Netflix Instant Deep Space Nine episode summary: Episode 4, Babel. Frustrated by all of the mechanical problems on the space station, O'Brien attempts to fix the food replicators. How could we the audience have sniffed at this series and stopped watching it? (It's actually a Space Disease episode, in which a genetically engineered terrorist virus causes everyone to speak in technobabble. It would prove tragically untreatable and eventually metastasize over the whole franchise.)


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