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Now we can go straight

bunny_hugger set her video recorder to catch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I'm confident she had, as we'd talked about it the night before and I watched her searching for the Macy's parade and selecting it from the upcoming schedule. So there was a little mystery: how did it record instead Detroit's Thanksgiving parade?

We don't know. We likely will never know, not least because whatever station was recorded took the broadcast from Detroit's channel 4, occasionally remembering to cover up the Detroit station logo with a Lansing station logo. I'd like to say which stations, but broadcast TV has grown dangerously lax in providing actual station identifiers.

But there were benefits to this mysterious change of parades. For one, it meant we were watching what had been the Hudson's Department Store parade, the one she grew up watching. For another, this is clearly a more local affair, which is to say it's filled with the nutty of the relatively small town. Here I'm talking about the precision businessmen attache-case drill team. It's a pack of businessmen who march in their Grey Flannel Suit attire (although it's upgraded to black), holding briefcases and marching and moving in imitation of drill rifle squads.

So it's endearingly nutty, in a way that something high-profile just won't achieve. It also had the advantage on the Macy's parade, from bunny_hugger's perspective, that they didn't have celebrities or have commercials expensive enough to cut away from the marching high school bands. Macy's treats marching bands as damage and routes the telecast around them.

We split some of the chores of getting the house ready for Thanksgiving Dinner, too. Most of this came to dusting, particularly of the bookshelves stuffed full of tchotchkes. I used my chance dusting these off to sneak the little squirrel figure I'd picked up the previous week onto her shelves; I like sneaking little gifts into bunny_hugger's house. It turned out she would spot this one in record time, later that day, as she sat beside the shelf and noticed one of the squirrels was unfamiliar.

What I didn't try hiding was a piece of jewelry which she had looked at and thought about but turned down a couple weeks earlier. This was a ring with a jewel bird attached, admirably sparkly and a bit silly --- she mentioned that she hadn't anywhere to wear it, since she isn't going to the prom --- but it looks neat, or just pretty.

Her parents arrived long enough after we finished cleaning that it didn't look like we had just finished cleaning. And I was able to provide besides my presence and the vague noises that pass for conversation around me a last lingering box of salt water taffy. It was rather harder than the box which had wowed them earlier in the year, but it made up for that by being much easier to take out of the wrapper; I suppose the less intense heat of this time around made the texture stiffer but more edible.

Nearly all the food was popular, this time around: not just the roll gotten in place of the meat loaf, but also the cranberries, the vanilla ice cream gotten to top the pecan pie. There was a split opinion about the pecan pie, but I think it did very well at being (a) pecan and (b) pie, and with (c) vanilla ice cream on top it just turned out better. Also, with the enormous piles of firewood brought in the previous day there was no trouble starting a fire that kept going all afternoon and evening and indeed kept on until past midnight.

This time there weren't any surprising or unsettling developments, no broken dishes, nothing but an emotionally tranquil day with family. It's a good sort of Thanksgiving.

Trivia: In 1838 Massachusetts enacted the ``Fifteen-Gallon Law'', prohibiting anyone from purchasing less than fifteen gallons of alcohol at once. Source: The Spirits Of America: A Social History Of Alcohol, Eric Burns. (It was intended as a prohibition law.)

Currently Reading: 2100 Needed Inventions, Raymond F Yates.


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