austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

And the boss don't mind sometimes if 'ya act the fool

Shark Tale finally opened around here, with a Burger King promotional tie-in, namely the Shark Tale BK Alaskan Salmon Burger Extra Value Meal, with -- well, you read the name -- along with cheap plastic replicas of the movie figures. It gives me a feeling I haven't had since I read the Straits Times report that aquarium tank and fish sales had been booming ever since the masses flocked to Finding Nemo and, apparently, took absolutely nothing away from the film. If it weren't for irony we'd have no culture at all.

The Incredibles doesn't open until later this month, maybe to avoid competing too directly with Shark Tale (which always looked to me like the direct-to-video clone of Finding Nemo, though I'm open to being convinced it follows its own artistic impulse -- what I mean is, I got the impression somebody at Dreamworks said, ``Pixar's doing a fish movie, we gotta do one too!'' rather than ``I have a great idea for a fish movie.''). It's odd that it's not opening this Wednesday; later this week is Deepavali and Hari Raya, so pretty much everybody is off work and out of school.

Trivia: From 30 September 1827 to 13 November 1828 Sam Patch earned fame and fortune by jumping down waterfalls, including the Passaic Falls, Niagara Falls, and the Genesee Falls. Source: Jerseyana: The Underside of New Jersey History, Marc Mappen.

Currently Reading: The Fountains of Paradise, Arthur C Clarke. This novel, about the first geosynchronous tower, seems less like fiction and more like engineering history each time I read it, all the more since I moved to the equator. A note I'm curious about; the story's set on a slightly fictionalized Sri Lanka, given the classic name Taprobane. The appendix says how to pronounce it correctly versus how most people pronounce it. So I'm curious how people would pronounce ``Taprobane''; my eye only sees the one (as it happens, the correct) way.


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