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Happiness and cheer

For Christmas Eve, my sister and her husband visited me and my parents, and we spent the day gathered around the fireplace and talking and eating really altogether too much. They also brought their dogs, who spent the day trying to find where we'd set the cat food --- we moved it into the sun room, tucked behind a closed door --- and where we'd set the cats --- they were hiding in the sun room, and my parents' bedroom, and didn't come out until after the dogs had left and they were sure the fireplace was still on.

We weren't to open any presents on the eve; my sister-in-law had objected to our doing that last year, and while I didn't like splitting the gift-giving over two days myself I admit I didn't feel that strongly about it either. We settled for hovering around things like the more complicated M&M's available for the season, such as ones with coconut inside and palm tree illustrations drawn on the outside.

My parents asked me to take the desserts out of the fridge while they were at mass, so they wouldn't be too chilly to eat, and that was fine by me. Surprising me was that my sister and her husband decided not to wait until after mass, and skipped dessert altogether. They stayed long enough to watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, since I'd mentioned the swimming bird horror to them and they wanted to see for themselves, but they took their dogs and went home when that was over. My sister was really being a Comic Book Guy about the animation, too, complaining about the way Rudolph's and his father's antlers curl in ways that actual reindeer antlers don't (such as, at all). And this is what got to her. Sheesh.

Trivia: In December 1899 the National League expelled Louisville, Cleveland, Washington, and Baltimore, citing low attendance and their financial drain on the league, but insisted for the following two seasons on their territorial rights against other leagues. Source: Labor and Capital In 19th Century Baseball, Robert P Gelzheiser.

Currently Reading: Analog Science Fiction And Fact, December 2011, Editor Stanley Schmidt. In the editorial, Stanley Schmidt noticed an MTA ``Trains of Thought'' quoting someone talking about the boundless opportunities to discover just in the people living within five miles of you; the thought irks him because if that attitude caught on, it might make legislators cut funding for space programs. Oh, Analog, don't ever stop being your own greatest parody.


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