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Before I get into the story of bunny_hugger's most recent visit and the excitement therein please let me do the December 2011 report on The Price Is Right. I found out CBS has a completely different site for the show than I've been using for years, one which features many more distracting things in constant motion, but with airdate schedules that go past mid-November all the way to ... two weeks from now. I guess that's better than nothing. Anyway, it let me know that last week had only two new episodes, one of them the December 30th show featuring the Best Prizes Of The Year, as chosen by online voters. I had expected that to feature another playing of Pay The Rent, but, of course, that's a game without any prize per se, however popular $100,000 might be. Anyway, to the Showcase winners:

First Second Third
Month 11 14 9
Season 45 50 43

Frankly, the third spinner seems to have completely lost the idea of the game.

There's tiny progress on the lowest-winning-spin front, and the cases of a tie with one overspin and a triple tie haven't yet happened. Go figure.

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 65 50 50
Tied Win 70 - -
Triple Tie - - -

I also find that for this season, the winning showcase has been the first-revealed 33 times, the second-revealed 33 times, and there've been 3 double overbids. Apparently, Adrian Monk is doing the show rundowns.

Trivia: France's King Louis XIV founded the Acadeémie Royale d'Architecture in 1671. Source: Home: A Short History Of An Idea, Witold Rybczynski.

Currently Reading: Bridges, Robert Silverberg. And, yes, that Robert Silverberg, although they only talk about his nonfiction in the author's bio stuff in this 1965 book that really makes clear how well he could imitate Asimov when he wanted.

PS: From Drew Carey To An Imaginary Baseball Player: I pick up the thread of Contestants Row sweeps on different shows.


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