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Once upon a time the sun used to shine in this heart of mine

chipuni suggested people post a picture, the only requirement of which being that it's pleasant and not hidden behind a cut tag. So, here's something from the Chinese Lantern festival.

Self-luminous giant pands prancing along a hill are always fun.

They were, to appearances, plastic shells around wire frames, with really quite bright lights inside. I'm sorry none of my pictures captured the essential creepiness of a flock of dozens of them scattered along a hill otherwise shrouded in darkness. There are some close-up pictures where one or more pandas is adorably cute, of course.

Sunset, as viewed from atop the Sentosa Merlion

Trivia: The iceland gull and the little auk are occasionally observed at sea off of New York, but rarely further south. Source: A Guide to Seabirds on the Ocean Routes, Gerald Tuck.

Currently Reading: A Day in the Life of President Kennedy, Jim Bishop. The book describes Secret Service agents waving Geiger counters over the President's watch, because ``some political figures'' have been assassinated by radiation. Mm-hm. It also include a chart dated 29 November 1963 that must be one of the earliest listings of Parallels between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, some intriguing (both enjoyed playing practical jokes); some mistaken (particularly saying Lincoln's assassin had no organization behind him; John Wilkes Booth certainly was working as part of a conspiracy, which tried and failed to kill Vice-President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of War William Seward the same night); some just inane (``irritated by opposition to his policies'').


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