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What's the real stuff in life to cling to?

Wednesday would be worse than just our last day together. It would be an early last day together. I was scheduled to work, forcing me to get up at 6 am, and to get bunny_hugger up about the same hour to go with me. The train station is quite near work, and we've left from there before; it's just, my but that's an early time to get up.

Her train was to leave around the middle of lunch, so it hardly made sense to abandon her in the train station for all those hours. I've got an office, after all, and it's reasonably secluded, and it's not like this is a high-security operation, so we just went in together, introducing her to the people who expressed some interest in this stranger wandering among them --- it was about a quarter of the population --- and, well, spent the morning there. It was her first visit to my workplace, so she got to see an environment that was more ramshackle than she'd imagined. (``Is this floor leaning significantly off level?'' ``Ah ... yes.'' But, like, most of the electric sockets are still flush with the walls. And it's theoretically possible to take showers in many of the abundant bathrooms, though I don't know anyone who's tried.)

As mornings go it wasn't one of our most exciting. I had some legitimate work to finish up, sorting out one programming problem from a project that was supposed to have been wrapped up ages ago, and then some other programming problems that I've been struggling for a breakthrough on. The first was cleared up within the first hour I got there, though, and the second, I did pretty well on through the morning, even if it left me sitting at my desk typing and catching glances of bunny_hugger sitting on the other side and typing on her computer. She was worried about distracting me, although I would be very happy to have such a distraction every day. Plus, it was a rather creatively productive day for me.

About noon, we gathered everything up, and set off to the train station. bunny_hugger and I hugged each other, tight, and dearly, and spoke of how happy we were that we were together in a way we should have been long ago. We hugged again, and she walked to the trains. And then I remembered something and chased after her; she would need exact change later on and I wasn't sure she had it. She did, though, so we parted again.

Back at the office, I realized I'd forgotten to give her the astronaut ice cream which my brother and father had picked up in their recent visit to the Smithsonian. Maybe I can surprise her with it later.

Trivia: Press accounts from 1866 record an amateur baseball team known as the Atlantic team, which played in Trenton. Source: The Jersey Game: The History Of Modern Baseball From Its Birth To The Big Leagues In The Garden State, James M DiClerico, Berry J Pavelec.

Currently Reading: The Origin Of Species, Charles Darwin.


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