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Now, my father was allowed out of the hospital on Tuesday. This produced the typical sort of family muddle for us: my mother had a couple days she would be able to drive him home and watch over him, but Tuesday was not among them. I would be able to, using the Monday-Wednesday-Thursday schedule I'd adopted for class and will be going back to for next week. But, as of Monday, we hadn't heard anything about when he'd be released. So I had planned to go into work Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, working long hours, so that if he were released Thursday, as we thought probable, I'd be free. Thus, mid-day Tuesday I got the e-mail, at work, that my father was ready to go and I should be woken up for it.

Ultimately, my sister had the time in the afternoon and evening to pick him up. He wasn't going home, though: on the advice of doctors and the promise on the part of his insurance that they'd cover it, he went to a rehabilitation center which manages to be a half-hour away from everybody and an hour and a half away from where I work. Probably saw that one coming.

I should say the decision to go into rehab has been one of sharp dispute between my father and my mother. My father loves it: he feels it's doing great things for motivating him to do his exercises, and he has a story about the care they give in matching medicines to needs that he has told at least three times in everyone's presence. My mother opposes it: she feels it's a waste of time and money, and points out that the criteria he's supposed to meet for his release are just, ``better health''. Apparently they have more specific metrics, along the line of walking 300 feet and being able to climb a flight of stairs unaided. She points out he lives in a single-level house.

Whatever one may think of the rehab center --- and I confess I think it's good for him --- I'm fairly sure my mother's real objection is, she wants him home. Sooner. For right now it looks like Tuesday or Thursday is the day, unless my father's got that wrong. We've heard it both ways.

Trivia: Polystyrene was discovered as long ago as 1839, but entered commercial production only in 1930. Source: Molecules At An Exhibition: The Science Of Everyday Life, John Emsley.

Currently Reading: The Best Science Fiction Of The Year #2, Editor Terry Carr.


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