austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

'Cause I couldn't stand the pain

And now if I may moan about my own health a little: I've had some really irritating pain strike my back. It struck me on Friday, as I was leaving for work --- the teaching work, the real work, not the one that pays me enough money to marry on --- and I was putting stuff into my car. I have a couple books, since I'm teaching two courses, and one of the courses has a bad textbook made of compressed neutronium as well as an 8000-page printout of PowerPoint slides which frankly make a better textbook. I've been using that as the class reference more. While I was bent over I felt this sharp little ow and then didn't feel much like bending over afterwards.

I haven't had many pulled or strained or even sore muscles, although I've had a few. For the rest of the day I was doing all right in moving except while bending over, which was no real problem except when I needed to wash my hands. I'm a tall person. The average sink is placed about two inches below my ankles. This hurt. I also figured I shouldn't do my WiiFit Step Aerobics since stepping onto and off of the board seemed to involve a little too much spine flexing for the state of things.

Come Saturday, and I admit sleeping with the electric blanket on Extremely High, I was feeling a lot better. There was still a nagging pain if I bent over too much, but I could bend over and move more or less normally.

I am also evaluating just how much I actually need to rely on the textbooks for reference in-class. I've been making lecture notes for myself, and while they started out as cryptic bullet points, they've been growing a little more elaborate each lecture. If I get more careful about including definitions I can do without the textbook, I think.

However, I don't like the trend of this moving stuff around leading to pain.

Trivia: One of the few manuscript passages (generally) believed to be in William Shakespeare's hand, from an (apparently) un-produced collaboration named Sir Thomas Moore, portrays Thomas More, as sheriff of London in 1517, successfully persuading anti-alien rioters to abandon their violence and submit to the crown's authority. Source: Will In The World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare, Stephen Greenblatt.

Currently Reading: Somewhere In Time, Richard Matheson. The framing device, a ``how his manuscript came to my hand'' bit where the fellow explains the contents was his brother's only novel or was it, briefly fooled me into thinking it was written by Matheson's brother and I thought, how weird that Richard Matheson might have written only the one novel. This is what happens when TV-and-movie writers write about TV-and-movie writers, people.

PS: A Brief Word for the Comic Pages, not much but a recommendation that you look at some comic strips that amused me. Bonus mentions: Lego, Miles van der Rohe.

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