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We wouldn't have known you all these years

And happy holiday ... not Remembrance or Veterans' Day, from my view, but Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights. This is always a marvelously cheerful festival, but today, alas, I've got too much work to enjoy the decorations, food stands, and various things lit up. Someday I've got to get down to Little India for it; come next Vesak Day or next Deepavali, assuming I am in Singapore, at least I'll be done book-writing. This is the first Deepavali since fireworks were legalized (after a decades-long ban); I wonder what tonight will sound like.

Naturally the TV features wonderful light-bringing programming such as, on Channel 5, The Karate Kid, Ghost Dad, Bollywood Hollywood (subtitled in Chinese -- most movies on the English stations are -- making it an aggressively multicultural film), and A Bug's Life. Channel i, meanwhile, has Geronimo: An American Legend, Good Burger, Masters of the Universe -- which is what happens when you let the music video staff make a movie; I saw costumes I'm sure they used in Batman and Robin and Star Trek: Nemesis -- and So I Married An Axe Murderer. Tomorrow Channel i runs Star Trek: Insurrection1, Trekkies, Death Becomes Her, and Son of the Pink Panther. Channel 5 counter-programs with Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. The holiday theme: ``here are things.''

1 Starring, the ad says, Patrick Stewart ``of X-Men.'' I suppose Trek's days really are over.

Trivia: Walt Kelly first paused Pogo for Armistice Day in 1949 (his first syndicated year). Source: Pogo Even Better, Walt Kelly.

Currently Reading: The Struggle For Mastery In Europe, 1848-1918, A.J.P. Taylor.


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