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This seems as good a time as many to do the January report on The Price Is Right Showcase Showdowns. This covers from the 2nd of January through the 27th of January, with one episode missing --- the 17th --- because, if I read the message boards about this correctly, CBS chose to air the show which would've gone in that spot for the day after Christmas, which had previously been scheduled to be a rerun, for reasons which make perfect sense to CBS and are frankly none of our business.

First Second Third
Month 13 9 16
Season 58 59 59

One might be inclined to suspect there's a statistical tie at work here.

There's finally been a triple tie, as well as a little progress on the lowest winning spin for the contestant whose two opponents both spun over a dollar. Probably it won't match last year's five cents, but still, dropping from 50 down to 40 is some movement.

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 65 50 40
Tied Win 70 - -
Triple Tie 70 - -

Trivia: The Roman Leap day was VI Kalends of March, that is, 24 February, which was doubled (so both 24 and 25 February were the VI Kalends of March). Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Cenotaph Road #3: World Of Mazes, Robert E Vardeman. Now this is old-fashioned bulk-candy science fiction the old fashioned way, a series of incidents just interesting enough that it doesn't matter what's going on, which isn't much.

PS: The Significance of the Item Up For Bids, which gets back to shorter pieces, because I wrote it while I wasn't sleeping well. This also explains why it descends into gibberish.


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