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Lost in thought and lost in time

My father's recovery continues on its tolerably decent pace. From what I gather, actually, it's better than tolerably decent; it's well ahead of things. He at least said that one of the visiting nurses proclaimed that his condition was like that of a person six weeks after multiple-bypass surgery, instead of the three weeks he actually is.

He's been getting a lot of phone calls, many of them friends who've heard about things and just want to check in and make sure he's still feeling good. This is fine, of course, and he's happy about that except --- isn't there always an except? --- that most of them call on the house phone rather than his cell phone. His cell phone he always has with him. The house phone is, due to one of those mistakes that seemed like a good aesthetically logical choice when the furniture was laid out but is in practice a disaster, located in a far corner of the sun room. It's annoying to get to in the best of times, and with my father able to rise and walk more slowly than average, it's a struggle to reach. So he'd like people to call his cell phone instead.

He's had visiting nurses come in a few times, although I've been out for nearly all of them. One visit which I did overhear was from a fill-in person over the weekend, so he got to tell the Vitamin K story to another listener while my mother rolled her eyes. He's also gotten physical therapists dropping in now and then, and some other kind of nurse which I forget. They all visited Friday, which exhausted him as they all wanted him to do some kind of exercise while they watched and made sure they would do.

He has, however, taken to explaining that all these chores he used to do he can't do now because he hasn't got the strength or endurance, which is fine. I wouldn't complain about being asked to make his bed. It's the reiteration, sometimes at the start and end of the request, that with the recent surgery he hasn't got the strength or endurance right now that's going to slowly drive me crazy.

Trivia: When Swedish chemist Carl Scheele isolated oxygen from a number of substances, including mercury calx, in the early 1770s he dubbed the substance ``fire air'', for its combustibility. Nitrogen he dubbed ``foul air''. Source: The Invention Of Air, Steven Johnson.

Currently Reading: The Omega Point, George Zebrowski.

PS: Interpreting Drew Carey, or for short, chefmongoose was right way back when and I was just longer in saying so.


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