austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

The moving man is big and strong

I expect to be moving out to Michigan in a few months; you may have heard something about that. There are side effects to this, such as that I have to go through my stuff and figure out what I really do need and really don't need. This doesn't bode well; the last times I did something like this I figured it was easier to just put stuff in storage rather than sort it out, and it's still waiting to be sorted out.

However, I do have at least one part of the problem straightened out. My sister, the one who does all this horse stuff I don't understand, announced that she would be happy to transport anything I needed to transport, using her new horse trailer. A brand-new trailer, she emphasized, and she was going to hold off using it for horses until after it was used for my stuff. That's sweet of her, of course, even if it seems weird to me that she likes going on long-distance drives with trailers. She did much the same, using a rented trailer, moving my brother's stuff up to Massachusetts.

The other bit of moving stuff going on is from one of my aunts, actually one of my mother's college friends. She's moving to a smaller house in a totally different part of Garden City. She's offered her surplus furniture and bookshelves and whatnot to a good home, and apparently my brother in Massachusetts has accepted some of it. And my father was glad to say that my sister would be driving this stuff up in her new trailer.

My mother, talking with my sister about this, stumbled into a confusing conversation because my sister doesn't actually have a new trailer yet. She plans to buy one in the spring, but as for trailers available in the coming month, when this moving is likely to be necessary, no. So I don't know how my father got my sister volunteered to transport thing, but I'm hoping to avoid responsibility for any of it.

Trivia: In 1898 the Michigan Independent Telephone Association could claim independent phone companies provided sixteen thousand telephones in the state, compared to fourteen thousand provided by American Bell. Source: Telephone: The First Hundred Years, John Brooks.

Currently Reading: Moon Lander: How We Developed The Apollo Lunar Module, Thomas J Kelly.


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