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Nowhere is there a more happier crew

You know what's weirder than a Leap Year February? A February where the monthly The Price Is Right report occupies five weeks. And yet, here it is. Since I've been assigning weeks to whichever month has the more weekdays in it, the week 29 January - 3 February got bundled into February, and then February 27-March 2 also got put in the February bin. We're not going to see that again until 2040. This month's statistics:

First Second Third
Month 12 22 16
Season 70 81 75

February was so the second spinner's turn.

There was no movement at all in the lowest-winning-spin front, despite all the episodes and abundant chances for something to happen. It just didn't.

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 65 50 40
Tied Win 70 - -
Triple Tie 70 - -

Trivia: A Church council in Laodicea in 364 stated that when possible Christians should physically rest from work on the Lord's Day, but they were not obligated to take the day for literal rest the way Jewish persons observed the Sabbath. Those finished worshipping were free to return to work. Source: Sunday: A History Of The First Day From Babylonia To The Super Bowl, Craig Harline.

Currently Reading: Microstyle: The Art Of Writing Little, Christopher Johnson.


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