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bunny_hugger and I had some ideas about Monday. She had to go to the airport, yes, but we'd have a few hours before then. Surely we could go to our diner. We might even be able to stop in and look at dresses at this shop my father has become obsessed with, or the one at Lord & Taylor. Maybe even her flight would get delayed and we'd have some more time together.

No luck on that front for us, although the second leg of her flight home was delayed, promising a longer stay in Chicago. For that matter, my father made a crock-pot full of pea soup he hoped we'd try, so we had bowls of those and had time together at home even at the loss of time to eat at the diner. Our oldest tradition might be gone.

Or, we could go to the diner just for dessert, and this was an idea which worked for both of us. I got a slice of cake with frosting which turned out to be peanut butter frosting compressed to the density of a neutron star, so it was delicious and I'm still licking it off my lips. We hadn't had dessert there together, not that I recall, so this was a new treat for us. They also had the children's menu items assigned to randomly selected cartoon characters, although these weren't all Disney characters. The Popeye was, I think, chicken nuggets, with no hint of spinach anywhere there since kids wouldn't eat spinach even when they ever heard of Popeye.

But after that we didn't think we had time to go to the other dress shop, and bunny_hugger thought it more sensible on every count to get a dress from near her, where she could get alterations done in any sort of reasonable way. Traffic was light and we got up to the airport with actually a fairly reasonable time between our arrival and the time needed to go through security and to start boarding. Separation wasn't going to be any fun at all, although along the way we could have fun talking about things like her Buggles fandom, or the joy of following @FakeTrevorHorn on Twitter.

Eventually she did disappear through the queues of Terminal A security, and I thought of an amusing tweet about @FakeTrevorHorn. I waited around until her plane took off, but, didn't go right home. I had a new task.

Trivia: Joe Louis lost a boxing match in 1936. He would not lose again until 1950. Source: Anxious Decades: America in Prosperity and Depression, 1920-1941, Michael E Parrish.

Currently Reading: ITT, Robert Sobel. (Remember ITT?)


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