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You know what I need or maybe you don't

The secretary came up to pass me my pay check --- or, the receipt of such, since I have direct deposit --- and spoke in a hushed, conspiratorial tone. There was a little more in it than had been. Yes, it was a pay raise.

Not for any particularly brilliant work I've been doing, though. This is more in the line of a cost-of-living increase, since it turns out to have been several years since nearly everyone got a raise. I don't know when the plan to get these increases through got started, but apparently, all of the vice-presidents had agreed on it, and apparently we have vice-presidents in the company, which, who knew? All that they'd been waiting for was for the boss-owner to approve.

And, well, he didn't decide. And apparently kept on not deciding. The boss is good for many things --- I appreciate that --- but the detailed work of running the place is not necessarily one of them.

So, finally, everyone else in on the decision apparently decided to just put the pay raise through to the folks writing the checks. Thus the conspiratorial tone: we're not to make a fuss about this by letting the boss know until enough time's gone on that he can't cancel the decision. (I shudder to think what would happen to the already-precarious morale if he tried even now after just the one pay period.)

Let me point this out more clearly. We're to not let the boss know he's paying us more than he was last month.

This job has brought me many strange experiences, but the passive-aggressive cost-of-living increase is a novel one.

Trivia: Chicago's National League team travelled about 11,000 miles over the course of the 1908 baseball season. Source: Crazy '08: How A Cast Of Cranks, Rogues, Boneheads, and Magnates Created The Greatest Year In Baseball History, Cait Murphy.

Currently Reading: New Jersey From Colony To State, 1609 - 1789, Richard P McCormick.

PS: Drawing A Trapezoid's Picture ... somehow, it's Trapezoid Week over at my little blog, so, let me run with it.


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