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Its destination is coming fast

My mother did some comparison-shopping online for new garbage disposals and identified one that looked good at a Sears Appliance Center just down the road. Remember Sears Appliance Centers? Somehow despite three-quarters of all Sears stores either closing or just huddling up under a depressed cloud, this free-standing place to buy Kenmore appliances is puttering on, maybe because nobody remembered to close it. But we didn't get one there. My father hasn't got any faith in Sears appliances anyway.

My father did buy some garbage disposal from Lowe's or someplace, and while it sat on the kitchen counter my father announced that my mother didn't like it. I had to admit not knowing what grounds one could have for liking or disliking a garbage disposal that wasn't installed. My father said my mother was taking too seriously online reviews of it. However, she also objected that the system would require putting in a switch underneath the sink and switching it on from there. This does seem like a design flaw to me. Plus, my mother also didn't get the hang of the former garbage disposal with its twist-the-cap thing until earlier this year. A hidden switch may be appropriate for Batman's garbage disposal but it seems a bit much for our needs.

I'm not clear whether my father ever hooked it up. Because of the complex of hoses the dishwasher couldn't be run until a disposal was installed, and the dishwasher was run, based on the pile of dishes in the sink. However, I never actually saw the dishwasher running, and I'd think it would be pretty expensive in restocking fees to install the garbage disposal only to replace it a few days later with a Mom-approved unit.

The Mom-approved unit did get bought by the end of the week, and my father said he would need my help in installing it, anytime, ``at your pleasure''. I confessed not knowing how my pleasure could fit into it.

Trivia: Confederate Louisiana Governor Thomas Moore sold a dozen beef cattle to the army in December 1861 for $540. He was not paid until February 1864, at which time the Confederate dollar had depreciated to the point this was not enough to buy one cow. Source: Look Away! A History Of The Confederate States Of America, William C Davis.

Currently Reading: Wrestling With Moses: How Jane Jacobs Took on New York's Master Builder And Transformed The American City, Anthony Flint.

PS: Life In North Carolina: I left a place off my list of population densities. Should I have?


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