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Quietly turning the back door key

My boss, the company owner, was in the office yesterday. This isn't a unique event, although it was the first time in months that he was in the office when I also was. He got in moments before lunch. About fifteen minutes past twelve he poked his head in the break room and said he wanted to chat with me when I was finished eating. (After he was out of sight, his secretary asked if he owner was talking to her or to me. I was sure he was talking to me. The other guy who has lunch in the break room, and sits with his back to the door, said that's why he doesn't make eye contact anymore.) I finished my normal lunch and found that he'd already left for lunch with his son (who works there, at least as much as I work there; mind, the son was excused to come in late Monday because the hockey match ran so long the night before). I kind of figured he wasn't going to be back.

But he did. He popped in and asked how progress was going on the projects I'm working on. I was able to report one of the two big things I needed to finish is all finished to everything that the prime client really wants, except one thing which the boss thought frivolous. (It's translating internally used codes into what they mean in English. I think that's good to do, but the boss thinks it's frilly stuff that he'll put up with because the client wants it.) He said that was great and started leaving. I said I wanted to remind him that I'll be marrying the end of next month. (!)

He nodded, and asked if we'd decided whether bunny_hugger was moving out here or me out there, and I laid my bombshell on him: we talked it over and thought about it, and, she's got the job tied tightly to her location. I put it that way because, well, it's not like I'd refuse to work for him remotely, or as a consultant coming in every now and then when a crisis requires it. But he nodded a moment and said that my job was kind of tied to a particular location, then promised we'd talk about it again and ducked out to wherever it is he goes.

And on that ambiguous note, my boss now knows I won't be there two months from now.

Trivia: At the formal opening of Carnegie Hall --- then named the Music Hall --- on 5 May 1891, Andrew Carnegie sat in Box 33. Source: The Epic Of New York City: A Narrative History, Edward Robb Ellis.

Currently Reading: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March/April 2012. Editor Gordon van Gelder, who mentions a letter-writer grumbling about how many stories are about writers. Only two this issue are about writers.

PS: What We Mean By x: It may be obvious. That doesn't mean we can't look at it and ask just what we do mean by it.


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