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For there's always a breeze in the ``Park with the Trees''

Now, here's a little incident just from riding Rolling Thunder which is just the sort of thing that happens to me, and for which bunny_hugger will need to use her indignant-angry user icon. (She's heard the story already, though.) Rolling Thunder, nominally a racing coaster, was running both tracks, although they weren't racing. They were just running both tracks as trains came around.

My sister, her husband, and I make a poor group for roller coaster rides, which are really designed for pairs or quartets. In front of us when we got to the platform was a pair of kids and a man I took to be their father. The father looked at my sister and her husband, and offered to let them go ahead, since there was a single rider in the car in front of his turnstile, and he apparently (reasonably) didn't want to get separated from the kids. My brother-in-law and his wife agreed, and took the empty seats. I tried to get past the father, though, and he either didn't see me or didn't realize that I was connected with the two he'd just let through. So for the second ride in a row we were on separate rides.

The train left, and the next one came in, and slowed to a stop not quite quickly enough: the train was about one turnstile width ahead of where it should have stopped. So the kids jumped into their car --- the last one in the train, and just about in front of the turnstile with the father and me. The father sat down in the near seat, blocking me from getting into the other seat. I couldn't get his attention or he wouldn't acknowledge me. The ride operators started walking by to check things. So I jumped backwards as the turnstile started closing. Since the car was ahead of its proper position this put me into the next turnstile over, alongside a pair of girls. I shrugged and grinned goofily, and went back behind them, around to my original lane. (I wasn't cutting anyone; there were very light crowds.)

I did not mean to eavesdrop. But one of the girls took out her phone and began composing a Facebook post, with her phone held right where I couldn't not see it. She write that an ``ugly'' man had just ``skipped in front'' of them. Also that this ugly man looked like Jesus.

And she misspelled ``Jesus''.

I had been ready to protest that I am certainly not ugly, and in no sense of the word had I skipped the line. But that misspelling made this somehow such a perfect beat that I couldn't object.

On the ride, the girls were terrified by the roller coaster, and on the slow approach back into the station (waiting for the train ahead to leave the station) they were doing that sharp, shallow, panicked breathing, at least until my normal post-ride cackling laughter broke through and they started laughing too.

Trivia: John Quincy Adams received his commission as Minister Plenipotentiary to Russia on the 4th of July, 1809, at a salary of nine thousand dollars plus expenses. Source: Union 1812: The Americans Who Fought The Second War Of Independence, A J Langguth.

Currently Reading: Experiment In Independence: New Jersey In The Critical Period 1781 - 1789, Richard P McCormick.


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