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When I was a child I had a fever

I got up Thursday actually a little ahead of time, after a restless night in which I kept feeling like I was almost ready to go to the bathroom but didn't quite need to. I felt woozy, and my mouth felt rotten, like I was dehydrated. I supposed that to have the simple, obvious cure, and resolved to take care of it after weighing in on the WiiFit. In the midst of the WiiFit Fitness Test --- besides weighing, also a pair of (straightforward) agility and mental exercises --- I got feeling a lot woozy, and barely a second into the Prediction Test I had to run off to the bathroom and throw up. So that really cleared out my schedule for the day.

It was some kind of stomach virus, obviously, possibly aggravated by the fact I've been running around doing a lot of stuff normal workdays and class days. I actually harbored thoughts of using the day spent at home to do other little projects I'd not had time for, like further experiments with my drawing tablet (I'm starting to get the hang of it, and starting to learn Manga Studio), or even just catching up on stuff I had on the Tivo, but first, I'd have to go to bed and catch up on my rest. I ended up sleeping through to about 2 pm, getting up for an hour, going back to bed, and so on until a little before 7 pm. At that point I forced myself up because I needed to finish grading for class, and so as not to miss Community et al.

Also since I was interrupted mid-weigh-in, I did the weigh-in again, and now have a data point about how much I might vomit at an ordinary stomach virus-induced event. I had never particularly wanted to know this, but somehow, I feel like I better understand the nature of stuff in general now that I have this number.

Come Friday morning I was in pretty decent shape, and was certainly better-rested than I've been in ages, even if I still wanted ten more minutes when the alarm went off.

Trivia: When the United States joined the first World War, its whole supply of surgical needles was imported from overseas. Setting up a United States factory was a high priority. Source: The Great Influenza: The Story Of The Deadliest Pandemic In History, John M Barry.

Currently Reading: A House Called Morven: Its Role In American History, Alfred Hoyt Bill, Walter E Edge, Revised by Constance M Greiff, Postscript Bolton F Schwartz.


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