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My hands felt just like two balloons

Friday morning, besides feeling dramatically better, I realized I'd had an error in the answer key for one homework problem and hadn't posted a correction, which was a bit awkward as Friday would be the final. (I wrote a correction on the blackboard in class.) I noticed the error while grading the night before and meant to fix it but just got distracted since I was coming out of the stomach virus and not running terribly close to full speed.

The final exams were held during the normal class period, as the community college hasn't got a separate exam week. Probably they could have worked one up, but, they haven't found it worth doing for whatever reasons they had. I'm a touch disappointed to lose the extra class hour since I didn't feel I got enough done in either section, and plus a 75-minute exam isn't going to let me cover as much material as a two- or three-hour exam will, but that's beyond my power to change now, anyway.

For all that it's not quite done yet. One student was in a car accident and has to take a make-up. I don't have to specifically get there to proctor him, though, as there's a testing center that will provide supervised exams at his convenience provided it's within a reasonable while. (Given the description I'd be willing to write off the exam, provided it's backed up with a doctor's note.)

In the morning class, statistics, while I was passing out exams and graded homeworks someone slipped up to my desk and put a flower on it, one using a water bottle wrapped in construction paper as the vase. This leaves me with a very warm, contented feeling.

Also another student accidentally left his laptop behind, but the department secretary was able to find his cell phone number in the secret campus records and get him back before real trauma was done.

Trivia: Jerry Fairbanks and Television Arts provided the raw film stock and other production costs for Jay Ward's Crusader Rabbit, and was to handle marketing and publicity. Source: The Moose That Roarded: The Story Of Jay Ward, Bill Scott, A Flying Squirrel, And A Talking Moose, Keith Scott.

Currently Reading: A House Called Morven: Its Role In American History, Alfred Hoyt Bill, Walter E Edge, Revised by Constance M Greiff, Postscript Bolton F Schwartz. Which for all that heavy author-lining is still a book of barely over 200 pages. (It's a history of what became the New Jersey Governor's Mansion, and then got revised after a couple more decades of existence and the discovery that its earliest history is, as best as can be determined, bunk --- which was also really the most interesting part, because, have you ever come across a New Jersey governor in any history book ever? Other than Woodrow Wilson? No, and correctly not, and Wilson doesn't get mentioned because he was governor.)


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