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I'd find myself drowning in my own tears

Uh-huh, so, the book finally exceeded its nominal target of 300 pages, albeit with sections that desperately need to be turned into some language, possibly English. The target deadline of the end of this week looks, if not ideal, at least realistic with some hard work and a little luck. What would be the absolute most hilariously uproariously funny thing to happen after getting home today?

If you said ``the laptop's backlight going out, forcing a visit to an AppleCentre and a couple days lost while it's repaired,'' then I hate you. Real, real funny.

Backups? Sure, I did my last copy of everything to an exterior hard drive a couple week, and maybe 70 pages, ago. The AppleCentre at Funan the IT mall said they could fix it, but they close at eight. It was seven.

As 19 of every 20 vehicles in Singapore are taxis I headed out to the street, confident I could just flag one down, and didn't bother calling. Well. So I got on a bus -- slow, but faster than standing still -- to get me at least to an interchange where I might call a taxi or be more likely to find one. It was 7:15. I had trouble finding the pay phone, which had one really loquacious guy chatting endlessly. It also had no coin slot, just a credit card slot, but of course the credit card authorizer was not working. It was 7:40.

A kind man nearby saw my frustration and offered to call for me; as invariable for good Samaritans, he had trouble understanding the number I wanted to call, 6552-2222; when he finally dialed it, there was no answer. From the taxi company. There are other numbers I know offhand, like 6552-1111; they didn't have any taxis in the area. Instead, off to the mall across the expressway, and the taxi pickup stand there.

It was 7:50. The line was eighteen people deep, with one or two taxis drifting along every minute or so, including taxis from the people at 6552-1111. I fumed in a way, frankly, none of you have seen or could well imagine. Finally I asked the time. It was 8:00. I wasn't even close to Funan.

So. Back to the office. At least I had the chance to return a library book (a bound journal from closed stacks) that I'd forgotten about, and thus saved myself a fine tomorrow morning. But ... boy, this could not possibly be less funny. The only saving grace is tomorrow I'm actually free in the morning to go in and deal with this; a day later and I wouldn't possibly have the time, as I'd be giving and grading the final exam.

So what problems will I run into? The ones I find most likely are:

  • Hassle over my AppleCare Protection Plan because it was bought in the U.S. and not in Singapore.
  • They won't let me plug the iBook into a monitor there to verify that it's just the screen (the backlight went out once before, when it was under the original warranty) and not the real innards.
  • They won't let me copy the current draft of the book onto my USB memory stick so I can at least try to find a replacement computer to work on it.
  • It'll be a week or more for the computer to come back.

I'm not hoping any of these happen, you understand, I'm just bracing myself.

Trivia: As an art correspondence-course student Charles Schulz received a C+ in the lesson ``Drawing of Children.'' Source: Li'l Beginnings, Charles Schulz and Derrick Bang.

Currently Reading: Korolev, James Harford.

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