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You earn your living like the other rats

This I didn't see coming: they played ``Pay The Rent'' again on The Price Is Right, for the May 16th edition. That's barely two weeks from the last time around. I'm a little curious whether there is a pattern to this --- it seems to be there was a previous pair of playing two weeks apart --- but I've got enough statistics threads on the show going already and nobody's interested in those either. (Oh, I know, you read them and appreciate them but just can't think what to write in response, and I understand that.)

This time around the prizes were mouthwash ($6.99), laundry detergent ($7.69), Allegra ($6.82), rust guard ($9.99), Capzasin ($13.99), and a bag of Doritos ($4.29). The contestant put the Doritos in the first level ($4.29), then the detergent and mouthwash in the second ($14.68), and, spooked at that point walked away with a $5,000 prize. I would have too, after that layout. However, for the third level, she'd set the rust guard and Capzasin ($23.98) so she could have had $10,000. The grand prize was out of the question, since the Allegra was a mere $6.82 for the fourth level.

Again I see only one lay which would have won: the rust guard for the first level ($9.99), then the detergent and Doritos for the second ($11.98), then the mouthwash and Allegra for the third ($13.81), and finally the Capzasin ($13.99).

This is the second-most-generous I've got on record for this season for item price ranges, $9.70, joining the earlier $10.00, $3.70, $3.90, $3.90, $6.14, $4.30, $4.30, $2.54, and $2.73.

It also ties for generosity the range of level prices, $4.00, which joins the earlier $4.00, $1.50, $1.30, $0.99, $2.00, $1.70, $1.70, $1.00, and $1.23.

Trivia: Pierre-Simon de Laplace dedicated his 1812 Théorie Analytique des Probabilitiés to the Emperor Napoleon ``the Great''. In the 1814 edition Laplace noted that ``the fall of empires which aspired to universal dominion could be predicted with very high probability by one versed in the calculus of chance.'' Source: The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives, Leonard Mlodinow.

Currently Reading: Chance Of A Lifetime: Nucky Johnson, Skinny D'Amato and how Atlantic City because the Naughty Queen of Resorts, Grace Anselmo D'Amato.

PS: Why The Slope Is Too Interesting, and the really interesting thing, why is it written down as m?


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