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And we would count the evening stars as the day grew dark

So despite the rain and the interruption for medical emergency the rest of the play went off quite nicely, and successfully, even if my father and my Connecticut uncle were confused by the second of the breaks in the play. There were two intermissions, you see, and somehow they missed the word about this and couldn't figure why there was no curtain call and why the masses weren't particularly leaving after the second act. (While the second act did end in a cliffhanger, it was also at a moment that could have plausibly been a conclusion, since all the major characters had set out what they intended to do and what results they expected to follow.)

After, we all went to Junior's for cheesecake. I didn't really want to eat more --- the horrible truth is my weight's crept up since last year, not to horrible proportions but more than I want --- and I wanted to get back home so I could be with bunny_hugger online, but it also struck me that I had no idea when I'd be getting together with my parents and my aunts and uncle and all for an event. I mean other than the end of next month. So I took the experience, as who had enough of those, and supposed I could just exercise a little more the next day. (I gained over a pound from the day's activity.)

Following that I walked back to the Port Authority, in order to get the bus back to the park and ride. My parents were driving to my Long Island aunt's place to spend the night and give my father the chance to fix some stuff in her kitchen. There'd be further benefits to the family from this too, since all the excess moving boxes from her relocation a few months ago were to come home with my parents. (They did.) I got to the bus queue just in time to catch the doors opening, and while I did have to sit in the back and share a seat with a guy who was overly enthusiastic about having someone to sit beside --- and also to egg on someone who'd snuck a Big Mac meal, ``my first one in like ten years'', to his seat (eating is prohibited on the buses, after all) --- I was able to get in ... late, but not too late to see bunny_hugger, which was still the best part of the night.

Trivia: The Confederate Congress in 1861 confirmed Henry Ellett as postmaster general, before Ellett had the chance to decline his nomination to the post. Source: Look Away! A History Of The Confederate States Of America, William C Davis.

Currently Reading: Beyond The Spectrum, Martin Thomas. This book is almost endearing in how slapdash it is; it's set in the year 3000 but the social attitudes of everything except the computer-arranged marriages is maybe about 1952 Proper Upstanding Littrachaw For Decent People. It has also got the endearing backstory that after a tiny bit of a hiccough towards the end of the planetary wars, England has resumed her natural place as the leader in science, technology, finance, and culture, though, one of those touches where it manages to be lazy enough to fall over the edge and become clever-like. (Oh, an invisible aliens from a planet hidden by a fault line in spacetime from us invade, blah blah blah, fortunately our psychics are better than theirs. There is a good bit of wit, though, that after the first attack the quiet ``phony war'' goes on long enough that people start to become inconsiderate to strangers again.)


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