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We could try some fancy cheese

After that evening in Manhattan, I followed up the next day by ... going up to Manhattan. I didn't have any particular objective for this; it just struck me that while I'll certainly visit the city again, it'll be more likely for particular purposes. Going up just to go, while something I don't do much, is something that is a lot easier now than it's going to be after next month. I don't regret this change, but, I wanted to take advantage of the chance while I could.

First thing I discovered was that a fast food place I'd figured on going --- Yoshinoya, which amused me to no end in Singapore with its offering of a big bowl of meat (or chicken, or meat and chicken, or even just plain veggies), has pulled out of the New York City market. The spot near the Port Authority where they had been is being converted to a Five Guys. A shame, really, too bad. But I've suffered worse in life, and it's not like bowls of rice with stuff on top is a particularly exotic recipe. However, in my wanderings around it did mean I ended up not actually eating anywhere, and instead just grabbing snacks where I might.

Cliche as this might sound, what I ended up stopping in was book stores, including wandering around used book stores. I even got to be that minimal possible level of helpful person, by being there when a woman holding a bag of books asked if I knew the way to the Strand. It's where I had meant to go too. I was not precisely sure, except that I was certain I was on the right cross street and just had to find Broadway on it. I admitted what I was sure about and then was glad to see a few steps farther along that the bookstore came into view.

That's the most anecdote-worthy piece of the day, really, and I admit it's not that thrilling to anyone but myself. It was about what I'd want to do, given the day, though.

Trivia: After the murder of President James Garfield, department store magnate --- and transatlantic telegraph cable sponsor --- Cyrus Field organized the fund which raised $362,000 for Garfield's dependents. Source: How The World Was One: Beyond The Global Village, Arthur C Clarke.

Currently Reading: Words That Make New Jersey History, Editor Howard L Green.

PS: A Night In Wonderland ... nothing substantial from me, to be honest, just passing along a report of a night at the National Museum of Scotland which I enjoyed.


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