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I kick myself just thinking of all the mistakes in the past

It's a fresh month, so, let me return to my often existing yet really un-answerable posts about the The Price Is Right statistics. This covers the period stretching from the 30th of April through the 1st of June. I'm not sure just when the show goes into reruns for the summer season, but if it's not before the start of July then I'm going to have to assign helpers to keep my statistics for me, and that's a pretty sad thing to do. If you see me asking, refuse me, please.

First Second Third
Month 13 22 15
Season 106 136 110

I should be pleased that my ancient hypothesis about the second spinner having an advantage is playing out so well this season, but I must admit having (without doing more than eyeballing the data) given up on that long ago, so having my hypothesis return like this is an unwelcome bit of being proved right. I should do a proper analysis about whether there's significant deviation from a perfect one-third shot of each spinner's winning, but I know I won't. I've got too many of my math books packed away anyway.

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 65 40 15
Tied Win 70 55 -
Triple Tie 70 - -

The lowest winning spins shrank in the case of a solo win against one other legitimate contestant. There was also a case of another contestant getting 15 cents for the win after the first two contestants overspun --- both with $1.05, neatly enough --- but that doesn't reduce the total any.

Trivia: Captain James Cook reported of the observations of the transit of Venus from Tahiti that ``the day prov'd as favourable to our purpose as we could wish, not a Clowd was to be seen the whole day and the Air was perfectly clear, so that we had every advantage we could desire in Observing the passage of the Planet Venus over the Suns disk'' ... however, also, that `an Atmosphere or dusky shade round the body of the Planet ... very much disturbed the times of the Contacts [ between the shadow of Venus and the rim of the Sun ] particularly the two internal ones [ where the full disc of Venus should be inside the Sun ]. Dr Solander observed as well as Mr Green and my self, and we differ'd from one another in observing the times of the Contacts much more than could be expected.'' Source: Discoveries: The Voyages Of Captain Cook, Nicholas Thomas.

Currently Reading: His Share Of Glory: The Complete Short Science Fiction Of Cyril M Kornbluth, Editor Timothy Szczesuil. Man, he had quite the talent, and yet, whenever the story mentions ``Oriental'' or any technical term from philosophy my teeth start preemptively hurting.

PS: A Second Way To Fall Over, working on whether it's easier to tip a box from the edge or the corner by a different approach, about how hard boxes are to rotate, and whether I get the same answer as last time when I just looked at the energy needed.


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