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My sister was kind enough to volunteer to truck my stuff out to Michigan. She's got a new horse trailer and wants to break it in on this, and maybe also figure out how well it'll work for her own move of her household come July. She figured that this weekend would be the best chance for her to come down and load stuff up with me, to bring out to Michigan when she went for the weekend of my wedding. She had at one point figured to drive out with me as I moved but doesn't think she has time given what she needs to do moving herself. So Saturday --- in the morning, to my resigned acceptance --- she popped up at home, just after I weighed in on the WiiFit --- and we got to loading things.

She didn't bring her trailer. My estimate of what I would be sending up was a couple of small tables and the various banker's box-size boxes I've been putting things in, something like two dozen of them, along with a distressing number of plastic scale models, some built but a good number unbuilt. I hope that changes when I live somewhere with horizontal surfaces. Based on that, she didn't think she'd need more than her truckbed, particularly as it wasn't to rain. But I had forgotten about some bookshelves, which came in awkward two-piece units, and we certainly need bookshelves. We did a healthy amount of shuffling stuff around in the bed with my father kindly pointing out all the ways that having something in the truckbed could go wrong, until my mother mercifully told him it was time to go (as my niece was having a dance recital, to which I was not invited because they only give out very few tickets to these).

So we didn't get all the boxes put up, although if it weren't for the bookshelves we ... maybe could have, which is comforting. After, I took my sister to a restaurant for an extremely thin-crust pizza she's been craving like mad for the last few weeks, and we went to the mall for a little bit of needed shopping.

Trivia: Ub Iwerks studios made 37 Flip the Frog cartoon shorts. Source: Of Mice And Magic, Leonard Maltin.

Currently Reading: The Complete Pinball Book: Collecting The Game And Its History, Marco Rossignoli. It's a cut above the coffee-table book I expected, even if it does tend to think one-off novelties like the ``blind flippers'' from Tommy might be portents of a new pinball trend (it so wasn't, cool as it was). But now it makes me want to check the other Schiffer titles, so let me record them here as on the back cover: Pinball Machines, Heribert Eiden and Lukas Jürgen; The Pinball Compendium: Electro-Mechanical Era, Michal Shalhoub; and The Bingo Pinball War: United Vs Bally, 1951 - 1957, Jeffrey Lawton, and doesn't that sound like a read? Also now I realize that fathead in Robert Heinlein's Beyond This Horizon --- I mean the fathead who was in the pinball industry and I think was something protagonist-ish --- was just selling conversion kits; I hadn't thought that hard about what precisely he did before.


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