austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Train number three is been back

I'm trying very hard not to suppose this is ominous.

The Apple Service Centre didn't call today; when I finally finished the majority of my grading and called them, the person there -- weren't sure what the iBook's status was, and had to look it up. When he called back he said it wouldn't be ready today -- they were still repairing it -- but hoped to have it ready tomorrow. I really hope this just means they were busier than they expected; other interpretations I don't want to think about.

In this context the e-mail from Apple advertising Friday as a special event in Apple Stores (I wonder if they count the ones here?) must be viewed as sick humor.

I'm told it's the U.S. Thanksgiving. Considering how sentimental I am one might expect being on the other side of the planet (almost literally; I'm about 180 degrees longitude and 135 degrees latitude away) would hit me hard. Actually it doesn't affect me at all. Probably that's from context: Singapore doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving any time of year, so there's no store decorations or TV specials, and there's no appreciable changes in season. The sun sets a few minutes earlier -- on the equator the earliest sunsets and sunrises come in November, and the latest sunsets and sunrises in February -- and it's a trifle rainier, but these are subtle changes. So the holiday just goes unnoticed, like the New Jersey Big Sea Day or something.

Trivia: Skylab's interior was designed for a relative humidity of about 26 percent at 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and a temperature range of 55 to 90 Fahrenheit. Source: Skylab: A Guidebook, Leland F. Belew and Ernst Stuhlinger. NASA EP-107.

Currently Reading: Skyscraper: The Search for an American Style, 1891-1941, Roger Shepherd.


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