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You were always right but I crossed my fingertips

So what's become of my work situation? When previously I saw the boss, in early May, he'd taken the news that I was moving out to Michigan with a ``we'll talk later'', and then he wasn't seen again. At least I didn't see him. As best I can tell, he might have gone the rest of May and most of June without being in the office again, although there was a report he had an encounter with Transportation Security Agency officials in a dispute about what he called a letter opener he forgot about and what they called a seven-inch blade in his carry-on.

As my last day of work approached the secretary got to sending more and more urgent messages about his needing to talk with me, and he promised to come in the Monday of my last week (also the day of my farewell lunch) to talk. He didn't make it, but did promise to get in Tuesday. Tuesday he ... actually did pop in, at five minutes to 5:00, and chatted about how he really wants me kept around and maybe I can work as a consultant and get in every couple weeks and then he started showing videos of him on a wakerider stumbling into the middle of a pod of dolphins. He said we'd talk more Wednesday. He also hoped that he'd arrange for me to actually see clients doing the stuff that my programming has been meant to streamline and automate so that I'd know what they really wanted me to be doing all this time.

That didn't come through on Wednesday, which should really surprise everyone. He did say he'd get into the office to talk with me and he didn't. He seems to have been running around talking to clients, though, at least. What he did do was say he would get to a restaurant near his new home soon and we could talk there. I got there, forgetting what traffic is like on the Interstate that time of day (I'd been going home two hours later since October), and managing to scrape the side of my car getting into a parking spot beside a concrete box, but, he wasn't there. The staff knew very well who he was, though.

He did finally get in, though, and we talked about many things, particularly showing off the work I'd been doing the last several months, and at one point I pulled up a video of bunny_hugger's brother's band performing ``Jesus That Looks Terrible On You''. But we got to the important things: he wants me to come in for a couple days in a row once or twice a month, after my honeymoon, and the company will pay the travel expenses, and it'll be one of expanding on my work as clients start to actually get and buy it and find what more they want from it. I'm earning less, but, not so much less considering how relatively little time I'll be in the office anymore.

I also told him that he needs to hire someone to be the office manager, and recommended my father for the position. Oddly, I may have made the case best by pointing out my father's experience in ISO 9000, since the boss has this standardizations streak that runs through him. (He points out, coming up with a standard is coming up with a steady revenue stream.) Of course, if he does hire my father it'd probably stop such things as ludicrously overpaying people like me, but, that's a problem for the future. The important things are: I'm employed and from bunny_hugger's!

Trivia: Joseph Henry tutored the children of Stephen van Rensselaer. Source: Joseph Henry, Albert E Moyer.

Currently Reading: Love Conquers All, Robert Benchley.


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