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Spruced up and looking in me prime

[ Sorry to be late. Also, I don't know what my drink is, but have strong evidence that it is not a dirty gin martini. ]

We had other things to do as we settled into our new routines. Sunday we did our first real full grocery shopping as a couple. We've gone to the store for miscellaneous things before, such as cranberry sauce, but this was a more proper stocking up of groceries as needed for everything that'd be wanted. Between the purchase --- when I used my new credit card --- and when we got home the new credit card company had e-mailed me with their deep concern about this strange purchase on my account, so I had to talk with them and explain that yeah, it was me. I let them know about this going-to-Europe thing next month too.

Monday we settled into a day of paperwork. We had to get our marriage license, most importantly, and the online form was producing 503 errors, which to me sounded like somebody turned off the server which had the database in it. So we went to the county courthouse where we filled out the paperwork --- our names and addresses and social security numbers, plus parents' names and places of birth, because they're surely going to be able to pick my mother's name out of all the Manhattan births recorded in the history of ever. I brought my passport along as identification, but they didn't need that since bunny_hugger had proof that she was a county resident and that's as much as they cared about. We turned it in, and the clerk swore us in, and told us the license would be ready Wednesday.

We also went to bunny_hugger's bank, with the intention of setting up a joint account for such expenses as are going to be held in common between us. We weren't really sure how long this should take, except that it did take longer than we expected. Also that I really impressed the bank officer handling all our paperwork by remembering our new account number, after she pointed out what a catchy number it was. (I seem to have a knack for getting catchy account numbers; I have a long history of phone numbers, account numbers, and serial numbers that have easy-to-remember patterns, plus, she warned us it was a catchy number.) We did get a bunch of decisions thrown at us that I wasn't expecting, about making separate accounts within the account, and about overdraft protection, and worst of all, which pattern to have on our cards. Michigan State University has this school spirit that unsettles me. I went to universities that don't have school spirit, so choosing to proudly display school icons is weird even considering it's a school I didn't go to. I settled on a river scene instead.

Trivia: As a Fourth of July stunt, 15-year-old Samuel Colt advertised he would blow up a raft in Ware Pond (Massachusetts) using underwater explosives. He missed the raft but sent up a geyser, and was then sent to a boarding school. The next Fourth of July he accidentally set a fire which ended his term in boarding school. Source: Gunpowder: Alchemy, Bombards, and Pyrotechnics: The History Of The Explosive That Changed The World, Jack Kelly.

Currently Reading: Opus 300, Isaac Asimov. (Even busier day. You'll hear.)

PS: Why You Failed Your Logic Test, and other subjects.

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