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You'll give yourself away

The Perils Of Pauline Episode Eight, ``Dangerous Depths'', opens with the discovery that Warde is not dead.

There's a lot of blurry underwater footage, but, the upshot is that Warde shames the sharks into not attacking him anymore. Meanwhile, Bashan's agent swipes one of the discs, and worse, copies of the airplane tickets to India that Hargraves and party are to use tomorrow to find the secret poison recipe this time for sure. Meantime, Willie Dodge is sent off to get coffee and goes tromping off in C-3PO's pace. Seriously.

They board a seaplane, one of those hilarious 1930s contraptions where the fuselage is about four stories tall and there's 85 propellers on top, so it looks like one of Dick Dastardly's contraptions, or possibly something from the Flintstones, and it's shown flying at heights of up to fifty feet all the way from Singapore to India.

In India --- did I mention the planes they fly all have N- tail numbers, by the way? It doesn't matter, but once you start spotting that you can't stop --- there's a parade going on, of course, so Warde et al have to go the other way, to the same Lost City of the Sleestak that they found on Sarawak. This one isn't as easy to get into as the earlier, since there's a big rock in the way, and Pauline is the only one to notice that, sure, they're going to run into Bashan. While Dodge is, of course, scared, Hargraves tromps into the temple and finds a plaque --- ``Seek In Sarcophagas Tomb Of Menka-Ra'', which is noteworthy since someone in the prop department forgot to translate this into Sanskrit. It's just there written in slighty pointy-typeface English. They seem set to have an installment set in Egypt next, but Hargraves remembers that this temple was excavated a couple years ago and moved to the museum in New York City, which should save considerably on the expense of building desert sets.

After yet another iteration of Dodge apologizing that he'll have to resign as Hargraves's secretary and being answered with, ``All right, Dodge, if you'd rather stay here,'' this time without even his making an excuse about why he can't stay right here just this minute, Hargraves explains to Dodge how this is the evidence of a civilization destroyed possibly by the poison gas they're seeking now. Once again, nobody thinks to ask why they want the poison gas that destroys civilizations.

Hargraves explains to an annoyed high preist that they have not desecrated the temple, which is the sort of explanation in elevated voice that always works when someone's accusing you of desecrating their sacred whatnots. And inside the temple, Bashan has --- here's a surprise --- caught up with Pauline and Warde. The two make their escape by closing a door, which locks immediately, and before the walls can start inexorably closing in on them, they fall through a trap door into a raging underground river. This is a much more realistic cliffhanger to the compressing-walls, surely.

Trivia: The Invisible College was reformed on 15 July 1662 as the Royal Society for London for Improving Natural Knowledge. Source: The Calculus Wars: Newton, Leibniz, and the Greatest Mathematical Clash of All Time, Jason Socrates Bardi.

Currently Reading: Coronation Commentary, Geoffrey Dennis. So, ah, yeah, in Dennis's opinion as expressed here, monarchies like the British --- pardon, the English --- one are better than republics because Republics give you Hitler. Seriously. Also all the good things that happen in governments are because of English-style monarchs, and when bad stuff happens it would be worse but the monarch moderates the excesses of the people. Like how when Edward the Whichever expelled the Jews from England, that was just what the people insisted on, and he tried moderating some of the worst abuses of the exiled, much the way Hitler tried to dampen the Germans' enthusiasm for abusing Jews of late. Excuse me, ``of late ?!?!!''

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