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And then laying in the Bombay alley next day

The Perils Of Pauline Episode Ten, ``The Night Attacks'', opens with the discovery that Pauline is not dead, relieving the tension among all people who didn't actually notice she was just fine at the end of last episode.

As if to make up for the un-suspensefulness of the cliffhanger this episode recapitulates more than usual. I mean, every episode repeats more than just the moments of the cliffhanger before; it has to get some context for people who missed the previous episode to follow. But that's usually just a scene or two (after a title card that encapsulates what the macguffin is and what happened the previous episode). This goes on several minutes, including the discovery of the vase, Willie Dodge stumbling around and spooking henchmen by being a guh-guh-guh-guh-ghost in his covered-in-wet-plaster shape, handing the vase to Pauline and then her falling down a flight of stairs with the alleged high explosive. I wonder if they were covering for too little run time or if they figured the cliffhanger was flimsy enough they didn't want to focus too much on it.

Anyway, she's fine --- falling downstairs might have hurt her, but that's all --- and Our Heroes find the disc. They figure to leave Bashan and henchmen in the museum since otherwise he might be out of action for the last three episodes. The newspapers carry the story of the break-in and explosion at the museum --- though only by having someone carry in the paper; we don't see the classic spinning headline bit --- and Dr Hargraves figures to start whipping up a batch of the poison gas because ... he ... can't just turn it over to our government without ... yeah, I don't know either. He insists he has to compound it and test the destructiveness of the gas before giving it over to the War Department. (He thinks it could lead to an end of war, if its destructiveness is shown to the Great Powers, and isn't that just adorably early-30s?)

Hargraves is going to whip up the potion at the Chemical Exchange Building, and Warde arranges to have Pauline carry a copy of the formula, so that ... one of Bashan's henchmen can overhear and they can figure to catch Pauline at night, while she goes up to bed and Dodge serves as incompetent, napping guard. The henchmen break in --- accompanied by pizzicato violin playing, just like in the comic spoof of this sort of thing! --- and are at Pauline's throat in her bedroom when she wakes up and screams, and that's our surprisingly suspenseful cliffhanger.

Trivia: The Dodge Brothers ended their relationship with Ford on 17 July 1913, when Ford rejected buying the company as a subsidary. Source: Henry and Edsel: The Creation of the Ford Empire, Ricahrd Bak.

Currently Reading: Voyager: Seeking Newer Worlds In The Third Great Age Of Discovery, Stephen J Pyne.

[ I'm sorry. One more logic-bomb from Coronation Commentary and I might be finished. Dennis points out the hazards of elected heads of state, pointing out how three of the last fifteen United States presidents (as of 1937) had been assassinated, while English monarchs had gone back centuries since the last time. But he also notes the at least five attempts on Victoria's life. I'd like some proof of statistical significance here, is what I'm saying. ]

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