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In other stuff going on: I went to a county fair, with bunny_hugger and her parents. They'd wanted to get to one before the season was out and we'd missed the one for Lansing's (main) county what with being on honeymoon, and I couldn't think of when I'd last been to one. Certainly it was in the early 80s. Possibly it was even the Greater Westchester County Fair, the theme for which has been playing continuously in my head since 1979 and shows no sign of stopping.

The parking space turned out to be about the same one they got last year, although in a less precarious part of the hill this time. We happened to be going in on seniors day so her parents didn't have to pay. But the first search for the particularly tasty fries enjoyed last year went awry --- one stand over --- so the savings were mostly lost to the crinkle-cut. We found the right ones and ate a lot of really, really good French fries. Also, later on, elephant ears with all the cinnamon sugar in the world on them.

I had reasonably few preconceptions about what'd be in the fair, really. There wasn't quite a ``pickles pack the stands for the pickle races'' moment, but the showcases of vegetables and fruits and livestock and rabbits --- lots of rabbits, many, many rabbits --- were fun to see, particularly as bunny_hugger and her mother could identify flowers at least well enough to make me think they weren't making it up on the spot. Also bunny_hugger had to explain repeatedly to her father why no, her pet rabbit could not be on show. (The pet's neutered, for one; for another, even though he's bigger than I was through fourth grade, he's too small for his breed.) There were also a handful of guinea pigs on display, and allegedly some hamsters, who were deep in hiding.

We also got some bread and corn to feed to the ducks and geese around one pond. They were probably getting a bit tired of having corn and bread bounced off their heads this deep into the fair, and response to the food falling out of the skies was halfhearted. bunny_hugger's father seemed particularly interested in the hogs, and talked some with a couple of the kids who raised or tended the animals; I have the feeling he was getting at something more than just, pigs are pretty interesting animals.

Trivia: Manilla grass, or zoysia matrella, was included in the Gardens-On-Parade display at the 1939 New York World's Fair. Source: The Lawn: A History of an American Obsession, Virginia Scott Jenkins.

Currently Reading: The Artist And The Mathematician: The Story Of Nicolas Bourbaki, The Genius Mathematician Who Never Existed, Amir D Aczel.


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