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You must have been a wonderful child

One of bunny_hugger's grad school friends promised that things weren't going to change, he'd still be seeing her often, even despite his having a child. bunny_hugger doubted that deeply. And yet, in the two years since the child's birth, he's seen her in person literally several times, including at our wedding. Some of those times weren't even for his child's birthday parties. Recently was ... not one of those times. But she was having her second birthday party, and we were invited, and, heck, I was glad to go.

Her party was Muppet-themed, with a chalk rainbow outside and snacks given Muppet Show-based labels. The child, being two, slept through the start of the party, which gave me the chance to meet some of bunny_hugger's old grad school friends and second-order friends. Also invited were a bunch of kids of these friends and second-order friends, old enough to go running around and to play with the packs of superhero-based party favors. One, with cape and mask on, came up several times to hold up a superball and explain that it was a sensor or a signal or a light. At one point he said it glowed to signal that there was something going in the world that shouldn't, and I pointed out how that thing must be always going off. The purpose of the superball changed a couple of times, maybe as the result of my inquiries, but, you know, kids, running, what'll you do?

The child did put in an appearance, of course, after being woken up, and she seemed delighted or maybe bewildered by all the activity. bunny_hugger had given a book of fairy tales, Laangneck sadly not included, and then we learned the kid was fascinated by the same space stuff that bunny_hugger and I loved and love. If the space bubble lasts till next year we'll have an easier time of it. (Also somehow later the kid got her clothes off, apart from a superhero cape, and ran around, leaving me to feel uncomfortable and wonder if her parents were not aware she was running around naked outdoors --- in her own backyard, yes, but still.) In any event as the party wound down and the number of kids decreased we were able to talk with the grownups, and bunny_hugger worried unnecessarily that I was bored by shop talk. No, no, the details of philosophy shop talk may be different from mathematics, but it's the same language, and the same fun to soak in.

I should mention the house was nearby. One of the delights of Lansing is that it's a place you can actually walk around and get places. Also along the way we saw at least six dogs being walked. We didn't try counting the squirrels.

Trivia: An 1897 plan to abolish a portion of the Boston Post Road running through the Bronx was (supposedly) stopped when resident William O Giles declared to New York City administrators that ``you may destroy many historic landmarks in this city, and nothing will be said. But should you destroy this historic road, you may be sure the public shall hear of it. It will not stand for the abolition of this road made famous and sacred by the ride of Paul Revere!'' Source: The Old Post Road: The Story Of The Boston Post Road, Stewart H Holbrook. I hope it doesn't speak poorly of me that I think it more likely this is an amusing legend about the road than a thing which actually happened quite as described.

Currently Reading: Inventing Temperature: Measurement and Scientific Progress, Hasok Chang.

PS: How Many Grooves Are On A Record's Side? And yes, it's one, but it's an interesting one, and besides you know the question that's really meant by that.


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