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A couple weeks back Turner Classic Movies and Fathom Events did a one-day presentation of Singin' In The Rain to theaters, which gave us yet another chance to go out to the theater that had the Rifftrax performance and take in the popcorn with cheese flavorings and free refills on sodas and all that. Though I've now seen the movie multiple times this would be my first on an actual movie screen, and I was delighted to notice again something I hadn't seen before.

Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) gets top billing, sure, and the story looks for all the world like it's his. The camera sticks to him most of the time, and his emotional state is the core of most of the scenes. But ... who's the person who takes action most of the time? It's Cosmo Brown (Donald O'Connor) who discovers where the missing Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds) has been. It's Cosmo who has the idea to dub over Lena Lamont's (Jean Hagen) unusable-for-the-talkies voice. It's Cosmo who has the idea of how to salvage a movie after the disastrous test-screening of The Dueling Cavalier. I believe it's even Cosmo who figures how to turn the tables on Lamont at the successful premiere of The Dancing Cavalier.

Lockwood meanwhile just fell into being a star, by happening to be around when a guy who could take a fall was needed. He fell into his first meeting of Kathy Selden. He does try taking some actions, particularly searching for Selden, of his own accord, but they all flop. Donald O'Connor's the hero of the piece.

At our theater, someone turned the room's lights on halfway at the ending of The Dancing Cavalier's premier, when ``The End'' came up on the screen-in-the-screen. bunny_hugger and I couldn't agree whether this was deliberate or a mistake by whoever at our theater was in charge of the lights. The lights didn't dim again when it was clear the movie wasn't yet over, as they should if someone in the projection booth made a mistake, but then, if the lights were automatically timed to rise again why were they mis-timed? No answer is quite perfectly satisfactory.

Trivia: Folklore says Warner Brothers star Mary McAvoy lost her career due to her lisp. According to Robert Gitt's restoration of recorded sound discs, she had no speech impediment whatever. If there were any fault it would be from bad audio equipment or a worn disc. The Speed of Sound, Scott Eyman.

Currently Reading: The Wave Watcher's Companion: From Ocean Waves To Light Waves Via Shock Waves, Stadium Waves, And All The Rest Of Life's Undulations, Gavin Pretor-Pinney.

PS: My Problem With 7, or specifically, making a 7 out of some very tightly constrained rules.

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